10 Team Building Ideas That Really Work

10 Team Building Ideas That Really Work

The business world is changing. With shows like The Apprentice promoting the idea of teamwork in high-stress, high-risk, and high reward situations, companies are not teaching their employees that survival of the fittest is the goal. Their employees are encouraged to be part of a team. In an effort to encourage your employees to become closer-knit communities, thousands of dollars are spent each year. This is done in order to boost morale, work ethics, and sales.

Which team-building activities are efficient? Here are my top 10 team-building activities.

1. Back to Back Drawing

This is a great way to strengthen communication between team members. Each person describes an image to the other person, and the person behind must draw the description. This will not only improve communication between your team members but can also help you bond as a group.

2. Survival Game

Explain to the team that everyone has been in an airplane crash, and they are now heading towards a desert island on a lifeboat. They can only carry a limited number of items. Discuss and rate the things they feel are necessary to be taken. This is where the keyword is “discuss,” it is meant to be a thoughtful exchange of ideas and shared creativity. No one should shout over the other.

3. Orienteering

Your teams should get back to nature. Give them a map, and then give them a mission. A slight misreading of the map can quickly irritate tempers, especially if there are time limits. This exercise will demonstrate who can maintain a cool head when under pressure, who can resolve disagreements, and who is the most adept at reading maps.

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4. Build a Tower

Your teams should be free to use their imaginations and work with their hands. Your teams will be able to get creative by building a tower using a limited amount of materials. This will encourage them to work together to make the best building.

5. Humans Versus Zombies

This is a high-energy team-building activity that incorporates survival horror! In order to survive, your team will need to work together, regardless of differences. Zombies don’t take prisoners, nor do they care about preferences. It’s an excellent way for your team to bond, and you can let them have a pint at the Winchester after everything is over.

6. Plain Sailing

You can find many places that offer outdoor activities for team-building events. For example, get your teams involved in a raft-building exercise. Have them race across a slow-moving stream or pond. If necessary, you can also have another team play pirates to defend their newly constructed raft.

7. Employee Planning

Your workers can plan a charity event or other hospitality event together. They will need to collaborate with creativity, delegation, and enthusiasm to make it happen. You will not only be helping your workers work together, but you may also be helping a good cause.

8. Host a Party

Although it may seem odd, many companies now have virtual teams. You might be able to meet those people and get to know them outside of the office. Without visual or audio cues, many things can be misinterpreted.

9. Emails

This is a great way to build trust and communicate with others. However, employees should be comfortable being close to their colleagues or being touched. Standing in a straight line, the person at the other end must read a message. Then they will pass it along to the person in front by drawing the symbol or letter out on their backs.

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10. Capture the Flag

This old-fashioned game is great fun. Two teams can be pitted against one another, and they will work together to defend their flag and capture the opposing team.



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