10 Ways to Instill Inspiration In Your Small Business Team!

10 Ways to Instill Inspiration In Your Small Business Team!

You have many responsibilities as a leader, but the most important one is to keep your team motivated. They are motivated and grow when they have inspiration. Here are the top ten ways you can keep your team motivated:

1. Honesty and Integrity

Honesty with my team is one of my top motivational musts. This means being open with my team and sharing our successes and failures. Your team will be more open to you communicating with them honestly. They will respect you for your integrity. If you demonstrate that you are trustworthy, they will be more inclined to trust you.

2. Be open

I don’t pretend to know all the answers because I don’t. Your team will appreciate you creating an environment that allows your team to share their creative ideas with you and the other members of your team. We develop more choices when we are open to different views than our own.

3. Be Authentic

Many professionals will tell your team not to show vulnerability. I disagree. I disagree. Leading from the heart shows you care about others and that you are human. We can get mad at leaders who are placed on pedestals. A pedestal is not a place for anyone, even a great leader.

It is when we are most vulnerable with our team that we form the most meaningful connections. A leader can still make the right decision to lead their team, even in times of vulnerability. This ability makes them great leaders.

4. Listen, stop, and listen

Make sure to take the time to listen when your team is trying to communicate with you. It doesn’t matter if it is about the job or at home. If a member of your couple reaches out, it is asking for your assistance.

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When they listen to their team, a leader can inspire them.

5. Mentoring and Coaching

In my leadership philosophy, I have a saying I like to use:

Teach them… Reach out to them… Recognize them!

Your team loves learning from you. If you spend the time to coach and teach them, it will benefit them, your business, and you. The most important part of this philosophy is to recognize your team. Let them know how much you appreciate their contributions to your business.

6. Keep Engaged

You should take an interest in your team members. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is it that excites them? Are they happy to receive thank you notes? Do they display them everywhere? Are they married? How do they cope with their problems?

You can keep your authentic self by learning about your team members and engaging with them. If we are too distant from our team, we lose the personal connection that keeps them motivated.

7. Include These

One way to ensure your team is involved in business decisions is to include them. Remember that your team members have great ideas and suggestions. If we don’t include them, we miss out on great creative thoughts.

8. Keep your vision clear

Uncertainty and inconsistencies are two of the biggest hindrances to a team’s vision. Your team should be clear about the picture and purpose. It should be clear, concise, and always provide insight. It is essential to keep the team informed about your vision and the progress made. This will ensure that no one is left behind along the way.

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9. Eliminate Barriers

Your team may have a clear vision but still face obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals. This can lead to frustration for you as well as your team. Communicate about obstacles and ways to fix, eliminate, or get around them. Your team will benefit from your cooperation in removing barriers.

10. Accountability

Perhaps you are wondering why accountability is essential for your team. After all, no one likes being held responsible. Wrong! It is wrong!



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