4 Essential Elements to Building Trust Within Your Team

4 Essential Elements to Building Trust Within Your Team

Trust is what binds any successful team together.
It takes time to build trust, especially in virtual teams where face-to-face interactions are rare. It takes just a few seconds to ruin confidence, as many of you have seen the hard way.

Leaders must understand the four components of trust in order to build trust among their teams.


Credibility refers to the degree to which your team believes what you have to share about a topic. This is based on a demonstrated track record of success in a given area. It can be difficult for your team to trust you if you are not credible as a leader.

It is essential to recognize your limitations and seek out an expert opinion from someone outside your team.

You can also improve your team’s credibility by:

– Avoid exaggeration
Direct questions answered with immediate answers
– Offer to assist in finding a solution
– Establish partnerships with colleagues at different locations, and then rotate them


Your words can be a sign of credibility, but your actions will prove it. It’s simply about following through with your promises time and time again. You or someone in your team may have damaged trust by failing to meet deadlines or following through on something. Recognize it and discuss what you can do about it. To prevent it from happening again, plan what you will do in the future.

This could be asking for help sooner or delegating responsibility to someone else, or deciding how to shift priorities.

You can also improve the reliability of your team by:

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– Keep small promises.
– Keep your work process consistent
– Make your work visible
– Use the same terminology as others
Clarify the roles in your team


There are two ways to develop intimacy. It can be created in two ways, first, by showing empathy. This is a way of showing that you are sensitive to the situation of others. Leaders who show compassion and encourage others to do so build stronger bonds with their team.

Intimacy also depends on knowing that someone can confide their business concerns to you and that you will keep that information confidential. It can lead to a loss of trust in your organization if you or a member of your team reveal personal information.

It takes some risk to build intimacy in a team. This can be uncomfortable at first. These are some steps that your team can take to build intimacy.

– Create an internal page, a page for the social media team, or a shared file where people can leave comments
Share your feelings
Empathy –
– Talk to people outside of work
Video tools can be used to have spontaneous and scheduled conversations with virtual employees


Trust is the final component. It reflects your belief that others have their best interests in mind. If they trust you, they might be more open to allowing a mistake in another area.

They will trust you less if you only care about your own interests.

These are just a few of the ways you can show your love:

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– Don’t interrupt people
– Find common goals
– Find common ground
Learn what is important to others
Get input and buy-in.

How to build trust within a team

Trust-building teams are less likely to have conflict and more productive. There is no easy way to do this, and you cannot delegate it. However, you can invest in trust-building through self-assessment and training programs that help people understand what trust looks like and the actions they can take.

OnPoint, an organization consulting firm, offers affordable and accessible training programs in many formats. Download our program guide to learn more about how we can build trust in teams.


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