4 Powerful Things to Remember When Leading a Team of People

4 Powerful Things to Remember When Leading a Team of People

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Napoleon Hill, author, and international bestseller Think & Grow Rich, recalled a conversation he shared with Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was a steel tycoon who had asked him to interview some of the most wealthy and successful people of his time. He had already amassed more than $500 million in the steel industry by the time he interviewed him. Yet. Andrew Carnegie had minimal knowledge about the marketing and making of steel.

Napoleon Hill asked Mr. Carnegie what he did during the interview. He replied, “My job is to make sure that everyone in my mastermind group gets along so that we all succeed.” Napoleon Hill was stunned by his answer and asked, “Is that it?” Andrew Carnegie was equally stunned when Napoleon Hill asked, “Is that all?” Andrew Carnegie replied, “Have you ever tried to get a group of people to agree on anything in your life?” “Try it sometime, and you’ll be amazed at how hard it is,” replied Mr. Carnegie.

Anyone who has ever led a group will tell you that it is the most challenging job they will face in their lives. Here’s my analysis of the audiobook “The Secret to Persuasiveness” by Larry Iverson. From a performance improvement perspective, I have rewritten four key points to help team leaders better understand influencing people under their supervision. This will also help create a positive environment that fosters team growth.

1. Your verbal and nonverbal communication must match when you are dealing with people.

It is easy to tell whether a leader likes or loathes you. Even if you don’t say a word, you are communicating. You should act as you speak, and you should say what you do.

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2. The person who has the most knowledge and the most options in a system of human production will be the one to control it.

You will soon be in control if you deal with someone who shouts at people. Take control.

3. You will have more control if you know more about your team and successfully manage many situations.

The other manager may lose it, but the calm one asks the right questions and leads to the correct answers. They are focused on solving problems, and they focus on solutions. Learn to get to know your people.

4. Successful relationship building is all about matching or pacing.

Match or imitate the behavior of others when you meet and talk to them. If they are sitting back, you will sit back. However, if they are leaning forward, you will lean forward. If they speak slowly, you speak slow. This proven technique allows you to gain confidence from others. This technique isn’t meant to be unnatural or strange. Pay attention to what the other person is doing.


Anyone who has ever led a group will tell you that it is the most challenging job they will face in their lives. These four key strategies will allow team leaders to understand better how to influence people and create an environment that encourages team members to grow.

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