5 Fun November Party Ideas to Celebrate at Work

5 Fun November Party Ideas to Celebrate at Work

Autumn Festival

A Fall Festival is an oldie but goodie. Although it isn’t quite as wild as Have a Party With Your Bear Day but fall festivals are something that almost everyone can enjoy and can participate in. Because of the fall colors and the association with harvest, November is the ideal time to hold one of these Autumn-Themed Festivals. It doesn’t need to be held on a specific day. That’s the best thing about it. The theme can be used in any month of November. You can make a festive atmosphere by preparing gingersnaps and apple cider for your co-workers before the holidays. Some people decide to make the festival even more fun by making hayrides, games and booths available for the public. You’ll not only bring joy to many faces, but you will also increase the popularity and likability of your company.

Square Dance Day

Here’s an exciting holiday! You may never have noticed, but November 29th is actually Square Dance Day in the U.S. (If you don’t believe us, just check out HolidayInsights.com/moreholidays and see for yourself!) This traditional step dance is still prevalent in rural America. It was introduced to America by English, Irish and Scottish settlers in the early days of our history. Square Dance Day is a perfect day to hold a Western-themed party because of its association with the West. Send out a notice to your office and wait until November 29th. Then grab your cowboy hats and banjos and join us for some fun and rootin’. It sounds corny, but it is a great way to get people involved in the office.

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Absurdity Day

This spooky holiday, which is always held on November 20th every year, is all about absurdity. This spooky holiday doesn’t require any kind of event or party. You just need to send a notice to everyone in the office letting them know that Absurdity Day is happening. Your office will be able to sport silly glasses and mustaches, which will allow them to show the rest of the community and your company that you have a fun side. Everyone will have a lot of fun and become closer as a group. Absurdity day is an excellent opportunity to have fun and pull off some harmless pranks. It will keep everyone entertained and on the edge of their seats.

National Sandwich Day

It’s evident that November is synonymous with food. Celebrate Thanksgiving early, on November 3rd, for National Sandwich Day. This holiday is great and easy to celebrate at work. Instead of organizing a big party where everyone stays after work, ask your co-workers to bring some snacks, cold cuts, cheese, chips, and condiments to a simple lunch at work. You might find a few coworkers who have a mini-party planned. You can transform a typical lunchtime into an event by setting up some folding tables or using the conference tables at your workplace.

Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Although November is filled with many crazy holidays, it’s clear that Thanksgiving is the highlight of the month. Thanksgiving is about coming together as a group to be thankful for what we have. This idea can only be celebrated with those you work with. Although most workplaces will be closed for Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate the picture with your colleagues by hosting a Thanksgiving potluck at work. Inform everyone at work about the party, and ask them to put the goodies away in the breakroom until the end. Set everything up on the break room tables. Then get everyone up from their chairs and enjoy each others’ company. If you have leftovers, invite your coworkers to bring their families to share in thanksgiving.

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