5 Indisputable Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

5 Indisputable Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Is your corporate culture positive? Are you a cut-throat company culture?
It is natural for company culture to evolve organically. If you want to succeed, it is not. It is just as important as your core product or business strategy. Your culture is a crucial business driver if you want an upwardly mobile workforce and one that feels “comfortably in charge.” The Harvard Business Review article, “Proof that Positive Work Cultures are More Productive” (link below), argues strongly for creating a positive culture at work to improve productivity. But, how do you make it more positive?

1. Encourage your team members to socially network at work

Positive social relationships at work lead to fewer mental and physical illnesses, better learning, and higher performance on the job. There are some basic ways to improve the social dynamics at work.

Volunteering to help others
hosting end-of-week drinks,
Regularly eating lunch together as a group
Celebrate milestones.

2. Communicate often; lead by example

While secrecy and rumors might work well for Apple, they can cause distrust and dysfunction in the rest of the business. Employees can find it motivating and illuminating to be updated on all aspects of the company. Leaders must set the tone by sharing their thoughts on a regular basis. A company “town hall” meeting or an end-of-the-month update can help. Leaders should encourage their team to have smaller group discussions about company matters.

3. Make sure you are clear about your company vision

Ask your coworkers if they are able to explain the company vision. It is surprising to many leaders how few employees are able to articulate the idea clearly. Communicate the concept clearly and in a way that encourages discussion and questions. Many people cite the “why” behind their work as a motivator. They often rate it higher than money. Employees who believe in their work will be happier and more productive.

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4. Be human

Empathy can be a powerful tool to build employee loyalty. It is a great feeling to work alongside people we care about and who care about us. Be a leader and ask your employees about their interests outside of work. Listen to what they have to say. Do not ignore a person’s concerns about a family member who is ill or any other matter. Instead, ask them if you can help.

5. The right mix of personalities is what you should hire

Talented employees are essential for every company. Many hiring managers overlook the advantages of likability when pursuing skills. Sometimes you may have to manage certain personality traits in order to pursue intellectual power. However, this shouldn’t be too common. Arrogance is not a sign of intelligence. A positive work environment can be boosted by employees who are likable.

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