6 Things I Believe About Building Successful Teams

6 Things I Believe About Building Successful Teams

I’m not a fan at all of the “rebuild” word. And I’m sure our athletes don’t as well… particularly our seniors! They’re thinking, what do they really “rebuilding” for since this is their last season? What does “rebuilding” mean we’re giving the season away? Are we saying that it’s okay to not execute and reach for the best possible outcome because we’re young/injured/inexperienced/pick your adjective?

Instead of saying “rebuild”, I say “build”. Every team requires building; even if everyone in the team is returning… “the team” is still constructed. Everyone had had personal experiences when the last time they were together, and these experiences can alter their perceptions and attitudes towards the team. My article was inspired by “7 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Up” (Inc.com )… it appears that the process of starting a business and setting up an organization have a lot in the same way!

Here are the six essential elements for building a winning team.

Plan your actions.

What are the goals of the plan? Of course, success! The main goal of the coach’s plan for her team is to place each coach and player in a position that will make them successful. Are you able to measure success? Sometimes, but other times it’s not. When three team members have been injured, it may be beyond your hands. But everybody can determine their own effort level and their passion for the team and game, their dedication to being a great co-worker, etc.

Sell your idea.

When we’ve come up with the plan to succeed, then we must sell, buy, and sell! As a youngster, there was an elderly woman who lived on our street. She often sat in her living room looking at the window…she could observe everything from her position. She saw kids misbehaving, spouses arguing…everything. If you were interested in knowing the happenings in the neighborhood, you were required to go to her home, and she’d be willing to give all the information she could. You know what… it’s everyone on our team! She’s the one which all the players love and admire. If you can convince her to do it, you’ve got your very own marketing team to implement your strategy.

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Do your best to think big.

Why should you make a tiny plan? Big dreams require big plans. What are the best places to test our teams? Are they prone to a loss-of-life attitude because of their previous performance? It is time to break the cycle! Are they lazy in their work? If so, then we need to show them the value of working hard!

Be flexible.

What’s the point of a plan that can’t be altered or altered or erased and rebuilt? The boxer Mike Tyson had a great quote: Everybody has a strategy until they’re hit by the jaw. If things begin to go off the rails or something unexpected happens, and we have to be agile enough to adjust.

Be open to critique.

There were times when I tried everything in an effort to make it to my team. Some things worked, and some items did not. This is the time to pay attention to your captains and coaches so that you aren’t losing your team in the process.

Keep your balance.

The process of building a team is time-consuming. Working all night will not make the team more efficient, but it could cause your family to be unhappy with the job you do. Go home, eat dinner with the family and snuggle your kids to sleep, or unwind a bit. You’ll feel refreshed and prepared to make other plans for the following day!
The success we seek may not be the way we want it…and most certainly, it doesn’t come fast enough. However, If we keep our eyes on the key elements, success will be on the way!

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