7 Planning Tips for Effective Team Building Events

7 Planning Tips for Effective Team Building Events

Events and activities that promote team building can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and cohesiveness of any group. We are all too familiar with the stale icebreakers and group activities that we see in corporate meetings. Team members are more likely to get along with their colleagues and be more aligned with company goals when team-building activities are appropriately designed and delivered. These are some ideas to make your corporate events successful.

1. Set the Tone and a Theme

The first step in team-building events is to set the tone and purpose with a catchy theme. A simple request to sign up for the 4th Annual Team Building Event will not get many signups. Instead, create a piece of “Forging New Alliance,” as one medical team did during the company reorganization. This shows employees why the event would be beneficial.

2. Build Anticipation

Use a variety of communication methods to keep people informed and engaged in the event. Also, make sure you get many touchpoints with your audience. To increase interest, you can use bulletin boards, emailed notes, posters, reminders, and reminds at meetings. A list of objectives or an agenda can be an excellent way for people to buy in.

3. Hold the Event Off-Site

Major corporations and companies often choose to host their programs and team-building events in an off-site location. This is because it reduces disruptions and allows employees to return from work refreshed and with new perspectives.

4. Variety is vital!

It is essential to include a variety of team-building activities in order to increase interest and engagement. Don’t make the event a lecture-only affair. You can break up long hours of lecture and sit by engaging in blood-flow-enhancing activities, games, or outdoor challenges. Mix food, entertainment, awards, and socializing to keep it fun.

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5. Give yourself time to process your thoughts and have a good discussion

Participants can have a discussion with each other between activities to share their ideas and discuss how they can use them on the job. It’s better to have only one or two moves and allow for discussion among the group and practice application of the skill or idea than to fill the day with too many activities.

6. It should be personal

To ensure that everyone is taking the information and learning seriously, ask them to fill out a commitment sheet and a list of action items that they can implement in their work lives. This will help everyone see the connection between team health and individual actions.

7. To increase impact, follow up

After the event is over, hire a videographer or photographer to capture the day and send copies to all participants. You can post photos of the event to the bulletin board in the office or on your website. This will help you to consolidate your skills and increase participation at your next event.


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