Acts of Kindness During Holiday Team Building

Acts of Kindness During Holiday Team Building

Holiday team-building events are a great way to motivate employees, reward them with fun and engaging activities, and make the event memorable by choosing “charity.” Yuletide is a season for sharing and giving.

You can create innovative team-building activities that will benefit not only employees and managers but also those less fortunate. A charity-themed team-building event is a great way to engage the elderly, homeless, and battered women.

Give a senior a smile.

Public service and corporate social responsibility combine to give you the opportunity to use your team-building skills – trust, communication, problem-solving, and trust – in order to improve your company’s performance. Spending a day with senior citizens can help you to focus on social consciousness and interaction with people of different ages.

If it is professionally managed, the most challenging aspect of helping residents in facilities to build their holiday tree and other ornaments and trimmings is the one that is not shared with their families.

Charity requires teamwork

Employees can team up with seniors to work together and create a winning tree or other holiday crafts that could be used as gifts for seniors.

Seniors could receive prizes in the form of color water bottles, insulated coffee cups, leg warmers, and blankets. Employees who win the competition can also be awarded personalized mugs. This is a charity that is based on enthusiasm and teamwork.

Time and effort are more important.

Spending the day with disabled people, especially those in wheelchairs, is another way to build a team. You can break up the large group into smaller groups, where patients from different groups will partner with employees.

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The patients will feel more confident and self-confident when they are helped to decorate their wheelchairs. It also gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, such as time management and innovativeness.

Prizes don’t have to be costly. These prizes can come in the form of either winter clothing such as gloves or socks or practical items such as small bags or pill cases. In charitable activities, money is not a consideration. It’s the effort and time that you give back that really count.

This year, make it a joint venture.

Public service can make team building more meaningful during holidays. A professional facilitator who can tailor the needs of employees (such as Magnovo Training Group) will make it easier to create the agenda, objectives, and other logistics for team-building activities. This allows meeting planners to concentrate on other things.

If employees choose to host a holiday event that is charity-themed, the management can point them in the direction of the company’s strategic charity partner.

This year, instead of hosting a holiday party with separate team-building workshops, consider making it a joint venture. Charity team building gives back to the community, and in an altruistic exchange, charitable giving also makes a difference in employees’ lives.

Colette Johnston, a corporate specialist, focuses on team building and classroom training. Colette Johnston has been using experiential learning and instrumentation for more than 15 years to help lead people and organizations to create cultures that foster leadership, sustainable education, and team cohesion. Colette works with business leaders to identify needs and develop solutions using consultative selling and facilitation.

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