Building a Sales Team: How to Hire Your Company’s Super Team

Building a Sales Team How to Hire Your Company's Super Team

The weakest link in a sales team can make or break it. It is essential to find people with the same qualities and passion for selling when building a sales team. How does a sales manager find influential sales staff members?

Build a Sales Team with the Right Candidates

You should always be looking for top-quality sales staff members for your company. You will have to choose from the many applicants if you wait to find the right staff. Post your job advertisements on social media and online job boards, as today’s industry is internet-based. Before you send out any resumes, filter them all.

However, filtering can be complex. A resume doesn’t always have enough information to determine if a candidate is a good salesperson. This means that you must look for key points to help you choose the suitable candidates. Express screening is a creative way to filter candidates. For example, you may require candidates to include a pitch/sales statement in their resume. You can then have a three-minute conversation over the phone to see if they are qualified and if you feel they would be a good fit for your sales team.

Utilizing Outside Expertise

You are already busy as a sales manager with selling. You cannot filter and interview candidates every day. However, your business coach can help you with basic filtering and hiring steps to ease the burden. Your business coach will be familiar with your company’s core objectives and have helped to devise a strategy to improve your sales team. He can help you build a sales team by filtering out potential candidates that don’t fit your company’s sales mold.

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Group Assessment

If you have a list of candidates, a group interview can be a great way to see how they interact with each other and the environment in which they will work. Structured orientation and assessment can be set up by your business coach to train, educate, and coach potential hires and then release them into the world of sales. You can evaluate the potential hires’ sales skills and abilities, as well as their ability to work in a group environment. This will allow you to determine if they fit your company’s style and brand.

You can start building a team of salespeople that will deliver results for your company by taking the time to evaluate candidates and utilizing the expertise of your coach. It takes just one weak link to make your company less effective and more able to sell its products. This is something that your company cannot afford to lose in today’s highly competitive market.



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