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Coaching Effective Teams – Teaching Them to Be Winners

Coaching Effective Teams - Teaching Them to Be Winners

Because everyone wants to win, it is crucial to teach your team how to win. Have you ever heard someone tell you that winning isn’t all that matters? Is this true? These people are just trying to be jellyfish and living in a minimalist world? It builds character and makes it worth playing in the game of living. You can rest assured that your team can win by teaching them how to win. They are confident they can deliver.

The winning team must realize that they need win to be credible. It improves their mental ability. They are hungry. These are just a few of the ways they can stay hungry for success.

1. Fun Learning.

How can you make learning enjoyable for your team? This is crucial because most people don’t like repetition. The remake of “The Karate Kid”, directed by Harald Zwart and produced by Jada Pinkett and Smith, was something I saw. Parker was frustrated when Jackie Chan (Mr Han) kept asking Dre Parker (JadenSmith) to take off his coat and put it on again and again. He longed for the powerful kicks and punches he saw in kung fu as a young boy. He wanted to be able to retaliate against others and stand up for himself. He didn’t understand the purpose of the exercise and shouted at Mr Han before walking away. Parker yelled at Mr Han and asked him to come back. He then gave the coat to Parker again, and ordered him to put it on again. Parker was reluctant to put his right hand on the coat and Mr Han grabbed him. Parker instinctively used the left hand to stop him. The next thing was a series of hand movements and Parker unknowingly stopped Mr Han from attacking! What was the result? What happened? However, not everyone is as good as Parker. Most people would walk away and never return. Learning should be fun!

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Activities that are outdoors-based could be organized in leadership and teamwork. Even activities that are indoor-based could be organized to allow people to still have fun learning. My mentor allowed his team to retreat for half a day to improve their teamwork. The retreat should be able to develop each team member and their teamwork. Some teams might go kayaking while others go to the elderly’s home. Others would paint their homes. The underlying principle of the activity was having fun.

2. Growth and Development

Spend time with your team members to encourage their growth and development. Spending time with them will allow you to get to know them better. You can share your knowledge with them if you are a great mentor. You will be able spot their weaknesses and help them to overcome them. You must also allow them to learn from their mistakes.

You could ask your team members privately what they think went wrong if you were a manager. You could also invite your staff to a coffee shop and ask them why they didn’t file the document correctly. You could also meet up with clients after work to discuss which systems are more efficient.

Talk to them to find out what made them do it that way. Find out the truth and learn from it. Once they have identified their problem, they will be able to develop and grow.

3. Win whenever it is possible.

Play games to decide who is the winner. If the only thing that is done by the team is work, it is boring. You can organize activities that encourage competition by looking at the team’s structure and physique.

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The best writer or staff member could be yours. After undergoing some beep testing, you could find the most fit player. People tend to get lazy when things become too easy. They are comfortable in their own skin and see no reason to improve themselves. The idea is to have friendly competition between them so they can outperform themselves continuously. You could create these opportunities for your team to stay agile and moving, just like Japanese fishermen keep small sharks inside their fish tank to ensure that their catch is fresh and tender.

These are just three ways to help your team develop a winning mindset. Start taking massive action right away to achieve your goals.


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