Contact Centre Personalities – Part 1

Contact Centre Personalities - Part 1

Leadership styles and personalities are closely linked. A good leader adapts his or her leadership style to suit the nature of those they manage. It is essential to mention that leadership effectiveness can be linked to certain personality traits. We will only be focusing on a few characters that are common in contact center environments. It is fascinating to consider personalities. Communicating effectively requires that you think of different personalities. Your approach, regardless of your position, will affect the outcome.

A direct approach will get you far if your system is clear and concise. You may not be able to see the same thing if you are creative as a data-focused and analytical person.

Personality is central to the contact center environment. It is essential that everyone works in a positive atmosphere without personality conflicts.

Let’s take a look at some personalities.


They are more emotionally oriented than other people. They can show positive or negative emotions. They are the social butterflies in the contact center. They are also the most knowledgeable about what is happening. The Chatterbox is a relaxed place to approach. If necessary, use humor and a simple approach to convey your message. Chatterbox is ideal for special events and projects that require energy, vibrancy, excitement, and vibrancy.

Negative Nancy:

Let everyone know that they don’t like their job. They are not happy with the people around them. It is difficult to get them to join team-building activities. They are not able to smile. You may find that the issues they are having are not work-related. If they are affecting the team’s morale, you will need to talk with Negative Nancy. You should know that most people will avoid Negative Nancy. The majority of team members tend to move on and build on the strengths of the group. One quick tip: Don’t waste your energy on Negative Nancy. They will eventually change their mind or leave.

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The Critique

They justify why every idea or decision isn’t going to work. They enjoy being the devil’s advocate and acting as obstacles. They are always looking for faults in the system and believe that it is their responsibility to inspect other people’s work. When you hear phrases such as “This is how it is done” or “We should be doing things this way,” it will signal that the Critique is on a mission. This person should be assigned special projects that involve problem solving and investigation.

Bugs Bunny loves carrots.

They are results-driven. They are focused on metrics and put all their effort into achieving them. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, they can become so focused on the end result that they neglect quality and detail. They may ignore customer assistance in order to speed up their call handling. They think their performance is exceptional because they meet or exceed targets.

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