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Contact Centre Personalities – Part 2

Contact Centre Personalities - Part 2

Sometimes we focus too much on the “best fit” when it comes to staff building, recruitment, and promotion. Sometimes, the best teams are made up of the most diverse people. Individuality is what you are exposed to. They have unique traits and behaviors that can help drive high performance. This is what makes the team great – they must have energy and passion.

Strength naturally leads to success. We have to make sure that the stability of our clients shines.

You must be committed! Commitment! This can be a rewarding and powerful journey for all.

Let’s look at other personalities in Contact Centre Land.

Rose Petal

They interpret assertive behavior as aggressive and confrontational. Avoid being direct with them as they may take it personally. You can encourage them, point out their strengths, and give suggestions if they are having performance problems. They can help others discover their sensitive side. The Rose Petal helps to maintain positive relationships.

The Lone Ranger:

You will rarely see them at work. They aren’t interested in small talk or conversations that aren’t work-related. They are focused, task-oriented, and quiet. They are usually very private. Although they may seem to be low in self-esteem, don’t let that fool you. The Lone Ranger is a leader in the team. You can help them get out of their shell. They are often very creative. The Lone Ranger should be open with you and explain the importance of teamwork. They don’t have to be part of the social work scene, but they do need to be reliable and supportive. The Lone Ranger is a strong personality that can be unleashed. They are excellent observers and have credible ideas.

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The Climber

The Climber is ambitious. They are often perceived as aggressive or hasty. They aren’t afraid to take risks and make tough decisions. Climbers are confident and know they do a good job. Sometimes, you will need to remind the Climber that they make the decisions. They appreciate your honesty and feedback. When you have to meet deadlines, put out fires, or reach targets, the Climber can be a great ally. They are proud of their accomplishments and statistics. They are pleased to show off their achievements to the rest of the team.

The Noble

They are charming characters. The Noble is adaptable to all environments. They are calm and easy-going and can get along well with anyone. They believe that nothing is impossible and are an eternal optimist. They do enjoy reflecting before agreeing or committing to anything. This takes longer than expected, and The Noble requires help in making decisions. Although they aren’t as proud or fast as The Climber, one thing is sure: They make few mistakes and get the job done. Because they see socializing as part of team building, they are good at it. This person will shine if you give them encouragement, opportunities, and praise.




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