Create Your Own Cash on Your Terms

Create Your Own Cash on Your Terms

I’ve been in business for over a decade and have tried many different business models. Solopreneur. Partner. Corporate. Network Marketing. Joint Venture. Online. Offline. They all failed to give me what I wanted. Some have a lot of hype, while others are focused on recruiting. Others send emails to as many people as possible, while others rely on salespeople. Here are the things I’ve learned and what I consider to be the best deal.

I’m a writer by trade. I create technical manuals, books, and training modules. It is something I enjoy. How do you know this? People read my material and pay me for it. I enjoy writing and research, and I was able to make a living without resorting to anyone.

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I value independence and freedom. A career in writing and coaching has been an excellent fit for me. I enjoy helping people succeed and love marketing. Let’s get to the meat of it. Do you like Independence and freedom as well? Continue reading if you are.


You can do everything yourself and manage it yourself. You have complete control over your business at all times. All you need is a product or service that people love. You can fire customers if you don’t like them. For the best customers, you can bend over backward. This is the most rewarding job on earth.


I love partnerships, but you have to be clear about what your workload is. Be prepared for topics like who does what, how to balance the load and other vital issues. When it comes time to make decisions, plan what you will do. The weaker partner may feel they aren’t getting what they want from the partnership if they are stronger than their counterpart. Although associations are usually successful in the beginning, they can often fall apart for a variety of reasons. My collaboration fell apart.

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This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to work in a large company. The problem was, I was forced to answer to another person who I felt was ignorant of what was happening. Do you feel like that? It took a while to put together ideas for improvement, and credit was always given out to others. You can make decisions if you’re the CEO, but the CEO must also answer to employees if anything goes wrong. When it came to making a positive difference in the company’s direction, I was always the one who got the short end of my stick. Big companies have their place, but I’m not saying they don’t deserve it. They are not my choice when it comes to freedom and independence.

Network Marketing:

This is where people can start. I belonged to many. The problem is the return on investment. My experience was that I needed to have a passion for the product, not mine, and then share that passion with others who may or may not like it. Finally, I had the responsibility of following all rules regarding marketing, websites, and commission structures. This was a massive disappointment as I had to manage my business and use the best parts of the other company. As distributors grew, it became so difficult to find the right one. One company required me to take down the website five times, increase my autoship four times, attend costly conventions, quarterly meetings, and not receive any payment if my balance was not right. One of my companies paid $6 per $2000 of business. It’s time to think again and do what I love best. This is what you love to do. I admire you greatly!

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Another favorite is the joint venture.

It is great to be able to define your own expertise, as well as what you are lacking when putting together a common enterprise. Three other partners are currently part of the joint venture that I am working on. Each partner has their own set of skills. My role is to develop training modules and content, while another partner is an SEO expert and another is an expert in mobile applications. Our fourth partner is skilled at editing and writing. We divided the work, wrote down what each of us was responsible for, and created a strategic plan that detailed what was needed and when. This is a great way to conduct business. We all have a voice, and we talk about it. No one is offended.

I am currently a solopreneur but also participate in joint ventures. This gives me my freedom and independence. It may look different for you. You have the freedom to choose. Only you have the power to create your own money on your terms.

Bette Daoust is a speaker and author. She has published over 170 articles and books. Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Varian Medical Systems (Varian Medical Systems), Accenture, Avaya, and Cisco Systems are just a few of the companies she has worked with. Dr. Daoust also worked extensively with authors to develop their marketing and recognition strategies.



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