Custom Screen Printing for Your Team Events

Custom Screen Printing for Your Team Events

The trend of customizing t-shirts has grown beyond being a fashion statement. Wearing similar t-shirts is more than just covering your body in fabric. Custom screen printing is a popular way to add personality to t-shirts by adding short phrases, numbers, or logos. This is a great technique to use in t-shirts, especially for team events.
Your team must have a good spirit, regardless of whether it is a sporting event or a corporate event. It is possible to achieve success with a team that works well together and has the right motivation. You must motivate your event team to achieve their goals. Your team event could be a success by giving them custom-printed clothing.

What is custom screen printing?

This is a method to create a picture or a customized design and pattern, mostly on clothing materials. There are many steps involved in the printing process that ensure high-quality results. Custom screen printing is a popular choice for many corporations around the globe. It provides sharp results.

What is the process?

The first step is to determine the type of frame and screen you want. A screen is made up of a mesh piece with a frame around it. The mesh material is typically a polymer like nylon. The mesh should be held under a certain tension to ensure sharpness and accuracy. Depending on the machine being used, the frame material can either be made of wood or metal.

The formation of the pattern is the second phase. Blocking certain areas of the screen is necessary to allow for ink to be able to flow through. The targeted area is then exposed to an emulsion. The result is a perfectly shaped and clean space for the design to be printed. The printing surface is protected from ink leaking and staining by pallet tape. Pallet tape can be used in different strengths depending on the ink. Next, you will need to cover the frame and screen with a particular type of tape. The viscosity of the video will determine which type of tape is used. A tape with a lower thickness will require a more robust tape. These inks can be found mainly as UV-based and water-based.

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After the screen has been placed above the substrate, the final phase is the filling of the mesh. The worker attaches the screen to the filling bar and uses an ink reservoir to get it in contact. The ink will easily inject into the mesh holes if it is done correctly.

Now it’s time to squeeze the screen. The operator uses a squeegee with a rubber blade to ensure that ink does not run out. Finalize the printing process with a high-quality design for a guaranteed output.

Why not use it for your team events?

Screen printing has the advantage that other people can recognize you. The team that wears the same t-shirts and has the same logo can easily stand out from the rest. Screen printing can be used as a marketing strategy for t-shirts. Your marketing team might be more likely to wear a T-shirt with your new products or services on it.

Screen printing is an essential step in team building. To achieve your goals, team coordination and chemistry are important. Your team will feel valued and equal if they wear similar clothes. This eliminates the negative feelings of superiority or unfair treatment.

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