Effective Teamwork: How to Empower and Motivate Your Team to Get Things Done!

Effective Teamwork How to Empower and Motivate Your Team to Get Things Done!

Have you and your team been involved in a project where there was a lot of effort and, even with all the greatest intentions, failed to meet the standards of what you wanted? Many hands can do the job; however, if every person does not contribute to the work in a mutually beneficial manner, lots of time and effort could be wasted without much of a result. Your team hasn’t only to be controlled with the primary goal at hand, but every person must be motivated and empowered to recognize the importance of their part in achieving the desired results. This article will show how simple keeping your team members motivated and tackling team-generated issues is.

The answer to the issue was to lure it out.

A few days ago, I saw a woman standing on the strip of nature that runs across the road to my home with a huge slab of concrete that was covering an area of drainage. Incredulous, I walked over to see the cause. I quickly discovered the existence of a tiny kitten trapped beneath this massive slab, and this lovely lady wanted to rescue the kitten. “Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow,” she said, “so we’ve got to get it out, or it will be washed away!” We all thought that the most sensible solution to the issue was to lure the slab out with food. I raced back home to buy the crowbar to make the slab.

The problem got even worse.

The problem was made worse by the fact that the clever kitten would only eat the food we put in the lower part of the waist-high hole if we got out of the way, and it would go back down the drainage. As the lady and I were as we tried to decide what we should do next, we got joined by Minnie, an elderly woman who lived right next to us. While we were talking, the kitten’s cries of despair could be heard coming from deep within the drainage. Then we were joined by another one of our neighbors who were attracted by this strange gathering on the road. They offered an opinion on ways to draw this adorable animal out of its death trap.

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At this point, things were becoming urgent.

Because we were all too small to fit in the pit due to the fact that space limitations so we had to look at all solutions, we temporarily blocked the drain on the opposite end of the pit, so the kitten wouldn’t be able to move from one side to the other. We gently sounded the sound of a gentle voice to draw him to come out, but there was nothing! I went into the pit to observe the cat in the drain, but it was dark. We ran to and between our homes in order to give him food that was more appealing by switching it from canned to fresh meat, but the cat wouldn’t take it. We even increased the portions! But we still had nothing. We were forced to accept that there was nothing more we could accomplish because of this small area. It had taken us four hours, and we attempted everything, but in vain. Our little friend was going to face his fate. Then, my neighbor Peter who is an engineer who specializes in industrial issues that require troubleshooting was spotted crossing the road and then walked across.

“What’s the problem?” He asked. As we discussed our dilemma, he saw everything with fresh eyes. In a matter of minutes, it was able to come up with a straightforward 4-step method to resolve the issue and keep that cat to the other side of the drain. He took charge and laid out his plan. We were all given an obligation to fulfill and were energized by the importance of helping to save this vulnerable creature. The despair was gone, and we were all energized by Peter’s faith in the outcome as well as our role to fill.

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The team leader was in charge.

“Forget trying to entice him out with food,” Peter stated. “In this situation, that’s never going to work. Cats hate water, so we’re going to flush him out!” We watched in amazement as our new team leader took charge of this seemingly hopeless scenario. He grabbed my crowbar and lifted a grate made of metal from a different pit higher up the hill. He once more explained the plan of action. Minnie was supposed to connect her garden pipe to the tap and transfer the end to him and then return to the pit and install the tap. I had to line into the pipe that was on the opposite side of the pit with more rags so that the cat, scared of being sucked in, wouldn’t go through it and end up lost when the water started in. The first lady was already prepared with a flat piece of metal that she would place in front of the drain while it was being flushed to prevent him from running back. Another lady was also to put my jacket on the terrified kitten after it was in the pit. My task was to climb down and take the jacket.

The whole team is ready.

With an “Okay Minnie, turn it on!” Our team was well-briefed and went into action. The water rushed through to the pipe. The shocked cat was flushed down the pit. A chunk of tin with a flat surface quickly blocked his escape, and the jacket was then dropped on the shocked cat, and then I was thrown right after it. In just four minutes, the unlucky kitten was safely out of harm’s way, being safely by Minnie’s hands. We worked as a group, completing our assigned tasks to get the task completed! By the way, it was not possible that Minnie would ever let Smidge run away from all this, and he’s now an integral member of the Minnie family.

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A lot of good intentions and willing hands don’t always result in effective teamwork. When you consider positive outcomes for your team, be clear about precisely what you’re hoping to achieve and the part each member is expected to play in making it happen. If you empower your team with a clear goal and the real worth of their contributions, they’ll be motivated until the task is completed; not only that, you’ll leave them with the feeling of having achieved something amazing.

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