Exercises to Create Support Environments

Exercises to Create Support Environments

The creation of supportive environments is essential for the success of a business owner. It’s a given that if you’re in a place that is supportive of you and your enthusiasm and drive, it will be much simpler and more satisfying for you to complete your job. In this post, I’ll discuss a few of the settings that I consider to be crucial to your well-being and success.

Allow me to inquire a question. Do you feel like I do, and around mid-February, you’re tired of the gray days after dark? The lack of sunshine for days at a stretch is a significant factor in my mood and motivation levels. When you are at home working, it’s challenging to get outside for days. I make an effort to at least 15 minutes outdoors in the sun, taking in some sunshine. What do you think of natural lighting in your workplace? Windows? Fresh and clean air? Are these aspects part of your daily creative environment just as they ought to be?

Exercise 1:

If you’re not receiving enough sunlight and fresh air and don’t have a clear view of the world around you, you are hindering your creativity. If there’s something it is possible to alter or enhance your natural surroundings in this manner, I will encourage you to take action now.

The energy fields of your body are among your most vital surroundings. It’s not just about your own energy as well as the sources through where it comes from. However, it also includes the point, whether positive or negative, you receive from the person you love most, your family members and children, relatives, and your customers and clients.

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Since our relationships are crucial to us, it can be pretty tricky at times to establish the proper boundaries. We often allow certain behaviors that harm our personal well-being. If you want to achieve the level of success you’d like to become (remember that every person’s definition of success differs), You must examine your relationships that aren’t supporting you, or sending negative energies into the energy fields of your body, and acknowledge that you’re allowing them. Then, you must make changes.

There will be a need to establish clear and firm boundaries or be required to let go of the situation, however difficult it might be. I was forced to let go of a handful of old friends a few years ago. We have ancestry that I cherish and cherish as I made significant changes in my life. The one “support” that they were able to provide to me was to keep reminding me of how miserable the whole experience was even though I had gotten through the abyss of it and created an entirely new and enjoyable existence for myself. They wanted to remain at the bottom of it all, and you’ll know why…because their lives were miserable! It was difficult, mainly due to the fact that we had a lot of familiar friends and I’ve never regretted the choice. What did I learn? Many new, unique and beautiful friendships came into my life very shortly thereafter.

Reconnecting with old friends can be challenging to do, but dealing with less supportive family members is more challenging. My most effective strategy is to not respond to what that they do or say but to simply accept the situation. It can be tough to stay away from the emotions that a family member may cause within your head (guilt and worthlessness, or a sense of insanity), But at some point, you need to assert your authority and not let them cause you to feel this in the future. The issues they face are their own, and you have to accept that and don’t make them carry it.

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I’ve found that when I’m capable of responding rather than react, people tend to abandon the situation and move on. Each time I try this, I become better in my ability to do it, and they become aware of the message getting more precise. Now, I’ve got them by my side, acting as an encouragement to my work and life. I can assure you that it’s worth standing and defend yourself with dignity.

In handling clients or customers who take up your time, the best option is to develop the Ideal Customer Profile and follow it with care. It. The ICP is not a novel idea, but it is not a new one in any way, but it’s among the best methods to create a positive environment for your work that is full of positive and lovely people who are passionate about the work you do and inspire you to give more due to it.

Exercise 2:

Select one person, if necessary, to do so, both in your professional and personal life, which you need to let go of or establish specific boundaries for and begin to focus on your work.

Your inner environment will change by making improvements to your outside surrounding. Also, creating space in your brain for your creative juices to flow is crucial to bringing your highest self into the world.

One way to achieve this is to devote an hour or two every day to writing your Julia Cameron calls “Morning Pages,” which is three pages of writing free at the start of every day to get rid of unneeded clutter. Sometimes, what you write may appear to be insignificant, but it’s actually the trivial things that take away a lot of space in your mind! There are times when you’ll have fascinating breakthroughs. I strongly recommend taking part in this method. I’ve journaled throughout my life; however, the practice of morning pages can really help with the creativity flow. Besides that, I believe that each and every moment that is worthwhile deserves to be documented.

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Exercise 3:

The next step is to buy a notebook and notebook or make an entirely new file on your computer and then begin writing three pages on whatever comes to your mind. Try this every day and observe what happens.

Making an effort to build an environment that is supportive of the things that matter most to you can give you opportunities and openings which you would not have access to otherwise. You are entitled to be given the support you need in your job and life; therefore, allowing those people and events into it that help you be at your best isn’t just an act of self-care and your family but also an offering to the world.



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