Four Reasons Conflict Is Valuable for Team Building

Four Reasons Conflict Is Valuable for Team Building

Arguments with others can lead to nonproductive and time-consuming behavior. All conflicts don’t lead to arguments. However, disagreements can serve as a springboard to new ideas and create an atmosphere that fosters harmony and mutual respect in the team-building process.

People avoid conflict because they fear that voicing their opinions or concerns will lead to adverse outcomes. However, if team members challenge others’ ideas or express their views, that doesn’t necessarily mean there must be conflict. These team-building interactions can be an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.

People must be open to sharing their opinions and discussing their problems with others in order to resolve conflict. Sometimes a team member may say, “I heard your opinion, and I disagree with it because…” Or, they might be saying, “Your idea is worth consideration but have you considered this perspective?” Because the workplace is not a battlefield but an opportunity to grow, exchange ideas and increase productivity, team building can be achieved.

The Value of Conflict

Conflict can force us into new ways of working together.

Each one of your team-building activities can offer you the opportunity to grow. Is the exchange of ideas increasing productivity, morale, and mutual respect? Is it possible to challenge ideas or the character of another person? These are essential ground rules to keep in mind.

Conflict allows team members to communicate with conviction or commitment.

Do you understand your employees’ values? Are employees openly sharing ideas during meetings in ways that reflect their values? It is easier to build a team when members are familiar with the importance of the company as well as their coworkers.

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Conflict should not be about attacking or challenging a person’s personality but rather about challenging an idea.

This tip is about how we communicate within a team. It can be offensive and counterproductive to team-building if one member of your team calls another person names or labels an idea “stupid.” If you aren’t aware of the impact, their communication style has on the team, pull them to the side.

Creativity can be sparked by conflict.

One idea can often inspire another, and so forth. Sometimes conflict can be a chance to solve a problem. Allow the team to have a conversation and exchange ideas. This could be an opportunity to solve a problem through creativity.
You believe there is truth among us all, and you want to hear other people’s views during the exchange of ideas. Each person carries a part of the truth inside them, and team-building exercises can help foster that belief. All of us are creative and can contribute valuable information to conversations. Your voice should be heard. Your one idea or suggestion can help strengthen a company’s procedures.

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