Fun Team Building Games for the Office

Fun Team Building Games for the Office

Being a part of a team isn’t easy, especially when you are working with a large group. In addition, there is the stress of the work, and you’ve got an ideal recipe for failure. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you are familiar with fun games for team building.

Everyone should get their minds off of work every once in a while. Your team can enjoy an escape from the stresses of work by playing these enjoyable games that are available at the workplace.

 Drawing Team

Drawing is a great team-building activity that allows the participants to relax in the company of their team. To accomplish this, split the group into three groups at least (depending on the amount people participating) and give them drawing supplies. Invite each participant to draw one line on the canvas. Then, pass the drawing over to another to complete it. You may set an amount of time for each participant. After the exercise, have teams display their work to the entire group.

Lean on Me

To play the game, you must split the players into two groups. The first row of players is blindfolded, and they confront the second row. When the facilitator, participants will be able to lean on those on the opposite side of the row. This can help build trust and trust, so it’s important to rotate all the participants to see which group has the highest confidence in one another.

Touch the Pot

Physical contact with someone else can be uncomfortable for certain people. This game is designed to challenge players to break down their walls and help them communicate more effectively in the workplace. Group participants in equal amounts and request them to sit in quadrants of the room. Set a clay bowl in the middle of the room. When you signal it, participants will sprint toward the center of the room and reach the pot using only one finger. Be amazed by how quickly team members sprint towards the pot and enjoy themselves making their way to the pot.

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Team Quiz

This game aims to increase teamwork and communication. Make questions about a variety of subjects. Group players into groups of 5 players. Each team must solve as many of the questions as they are able to within the given time.

Scrambled Jigsaw

This game is simple to start with; however, wait until all players are at the final part. It is necessary to put a jigsaw puzzle on tables before they arrive. Make use of puzzles designed for children to play this game. Ideally, you should have around 100 pieces per puzzle. You should remove five pieces of the puzzle and then transfer them to the table of another team. Do the same for the remainder of the puzzles. Teams will finish their puzzles, and when they notice the missing pieces, they must bargain with the other teams in order to get their puzzle pieces back. This is a great exercise to improve communication and teamwork.

Get away from the pressures of the office. Make use of these team-building games in the office to allow your employees a chance to relax and have fun.

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