Have You Said These Two Words Today?

Have You Said These Two Words Today


It is a thank you.

We get so involved in our work that we forget to appreciate the people behind it all. Yesterday, I was so consumed in a 50-page interview that I didn’t notice my boyfriend trying to have a conversation. It was only today that I realized that I had been sitting on the couch for two hours straight without saying a word.

Do you think that’s a terrible idea? So do I.

It seems that there is an epidemic of “Take sh*t as a given,” and I have been officially infected. Although it would be easy to claim that everyone does it, the common ungratefulness is not going to cut it.

This embarrassing behavior must be stopped.

Are you ready to join the movement? Let’s get rid of this horrible bug one at a time.

1. Your Family:

Without your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, and family support, your enterprise would not exist. You were wrong. These people are the ones who listen to your 38 business iterations and don’t tell you that you’re crazy. For their help with your crazy asses, they deserve four hugs.

2. Your Customers are your true believers.

They trust your business, your ability to provide an excellent service, and you. They even have some hard cash to support their faith in your ability to deliver an excellent service. It’s now your turn to recognize their amazingness. You can write a thank you note in just 2 minutes. Have your pen and paper handy?

3. Your Business Partner should be thanked

If you are like me, this person is spending more time with you than your closest family members. You’re almost like a married couple. The only difference is that you live in separate apartments. You’re both on an insane roller coaster together, and your business partner is the one who will keep you from spinning out of control. They wouldn’t let you go on this ride without you, and that’s why a huge THANK YOU is in order.

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4. Your Coffee Dude is your source of the crucial daily caffeine buzz.

Your Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons would be dull, your Fridays would be miserable, and you wouldn’t even make it to work without your favorite barista. Grab your cup of Joe and shout, “You are Amazeballs!” When you pass your favorite cafĂ©.

Let’s walk the walk now that we’ve covered the basics. Write those emails and those notes. To whom should you say thank you?

PS: Don’t forget to give yourself props. Self-appreciation is a great thing.

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