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How Does Whole Brain Thinking Benefit Businesses?

How Does Whole Brain Thinking Benefit Businesses

William Herrmann, who was the head of General Electric’s management education department, developed whole-brain thinking. Hermann created a model to explain the concept. He identified different ways people think based on their right- or left-brain alignment. Herrmann’s Brain Dominance Model, which is a widely used resource for leadership development in integrated thinking, is still very popular today. These are the modes of thinking that the model identifies:

Analytical Thinking: A style of quantitative thinking that emphasizes data collection, using facts to judge, and logical reasoning.
Sequential Thinking – A type of thinking that is more structured, gravitating towards details, directions, and organization.

Interpersonal Thinking

A style of thinking that is based on feelings. It favors using the senses and expressing ideas.
Imaginative Thinking is a style of thinking that encourages creativity and challenges assumptions. It also allows for metaphorical thinking.
Left-brained people are known for their analytical thinking and sequential thinking. Right-brained people tend to display interpersonal thinking, imaginative thinking, and sequential thinking. Once subjects have completed a questionnaire about their thinking style, they can work on maximizing their cerebral strengths and improving their ability to think in other types. People who use whole brain thinking in a business environment (i.e., Integrated thought modes have a positive effect on productivity in a business setting. This is why it is essential to include the Brain Dominance Model within a company’s leadership development resources.

Benefits for businesses

Businesses have two goals when integrating thought modes: to increase productivity and eliminate conflicts between opposing thought modes. They also want employees who can think in multiple ways. Employers can reap the following benefits when employees successfully integrate thought modes.

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Easy Job Matching

Every company faces the challenge of matching job applicants with available jobs. It can be challenging to reach a candidate with a job that is productive if his or her thinking style is dominant. He or she will be a better candidate for other positions if he or she expands his or her thought patterns.

Better Strategic Planning

It may be easier for group members to create strategic plans if they are able to understand one another’s dominant thinking modes. You can develop strategies that are compatible with the different planning styles.

Better Morale

Leaders, and employees who communicate well can improve morale at work. It is easier to reach consensuses, and there are fewer disagreements. Integrated thinking results in better communication.
These are just a few of the many benefits that businesses can reap from the use of integrated thinking modes. Specialized corporate trainers in integrated thinking can offer specific benefits to different companies.


Whole-brain thinking refers to the concept of identifying different ways people think: sequentially, analytically, and interpersonally. Businesses can reap the many benefits of the Brain Dominance Model by using information. Contact a provider for leadership development resources to learn more about the positive effects integrated thought modes can have on the workplace.

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