How to Blend Marvel-Ous Teammate Personalities

How to Blend Marvel-Ous Teammate Personalities

We all have been in teams with people who have great talent and skill but have an oddity that makes it difficult to blend in. How can you combine their abilities and avoid their weaknesses to create a dynamic team? Marvel Comics Avengers has provided some inspiration. Let’s take a look at each personality to see what possible resolutions might be.

1. The Hulk

This teammate is bright and analytical but also moody and temperamental. She excels at solving the most complex problems using precise analysis. She can grasp complex issues and uses a systematic and reasoned approach to them. However, she can be pretty upset and angry, so it is not unusual for her to become a “monster”. She and the team should let her work on her own as much as possible. She can be alone and explore all possibilities. She should be expected to keep her teammate informed about her work. She is a logical person and will often respond positively to incongruous facts. If she gets irritated, her teammates will be able to get rid of her. Once she is calmed down, it’s important to remind her that anger is unacceptable.

2. Iron Man

This teammate is an inventor and creative but egotistical, sarcastic, and egotistical. He is a creative force on the team. He can think “outside of the box”. He is not graciously open to accepting facts that prove his hypotheses wrong, as he is not like the Hulk. He can be un-accepting or even hostile to alternative theories because of his ego. To make matters worse, his sarcastic responses can be highly off-putting to teammates. You can help him blend in with the team by reminding him how critical praise for his self-image is. His imaginative and inspired contributions are highly valued by his teammates. Everyone should be publicly praised. It is something that most teammates appreciate, but the Iron Man requires it. While his sarcasm may be overlooked by more experienced teammates, he should be called out whenever it becomes offensive.

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3. Captain America

This teammate is a problem-solver and shows extreme dedication. He expects too much from his team and becomes frustrated when they don’t give the same commitment. He is a great leader, a strong force that teammates can rally behind. He will shine the spotlight on the need for action and lead the way to the solution. This can often be a motivating thing for the team. But, his enthusiasm and commitment can prove exhausting to many of his teammates. He finds it frustrating that others are unable to keep up with his relentless pursuit of every goal. He doesn’t have the maturity leadership skills to manage the diversity of his team and will “write out” some members. As a motivator, Captain America is the best for his team. He is unrivaled in rallying his team towards a common cause. He must be taught how to manage his strength and set limits for the team. He is an energy source for the team but needs to be managed by someone who can keep him in check.

Strong personalities can be significant assets to a team. However, despite their contributions, strong personalities need to be moderated. It is essential to maximize the strengths and minimize the flaws. It is possible to achieve extraordinary results when a team manages that balance.

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