How To Build a Team That Delivers

How To Build a Team That Delivers

You may be the most senior leader. However, leadership is not an easy job. It is easy to think that a leader is a genius or a superstar when you read biographies or leadership books.

Let’s not pretend leaders aren’t talented and skilled. They are. They are good at what they do. This is why most people make it to leadership roles.

However, it is quite different to be great at doing and to be a leader where you must facilitate and coordinate things. Many leaders start out with the goal of creating a team that delivers. Some succeed while others fail.

How can you create a team that delivers results?

Before you hire, stop and think

It is easy to rush to get someone hired when you have a job to fill. If you really think about it, hiring someone is one the most important investment decisions you’ll make.

It is important to stop and consider what your business needs, what role they need and who you should hire to address them.

You should also consider your current skills, experience, and expertise. It is tempting to hire more of the same, even if this temptation is subconscious. A toolbox with too many tools will never get the job done. A team that lacks the right skills or expertise will not get the job done.

Set clear expectations

People will complain that they don’t have enough clarity about their responsibilities. Many leaders struggle to set clear expectations.

Be systematic to overcome this. First, think about the highest level of achievement you would like that person to reach. This is often called the “50,000 feet view” of the job.

Consider next what is required of the person in this role to reach the overall high-level goal.

These are the key success factors that can be used to set results-oriented objectives.

All team members should be able to reach their full potential

This would seem obvious. But perceptions and reality can be vastly different. Sometimes leaders only have a superficial understanding of the members of their team. They don’t know their personalities or the full range and skills they have to offer the team.

You must spend time getting to know your team members, their skills and what motivates them to be their best.

The bottom line:

Leaders must build a team to succeed. It is impossible to be the only one who does everything.

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