How to Build Team Morale When There Is a Problem in the Ranks

How to Build Team Morale When There Is a Problem in the Ranks

There are times in every business or team, when it feels like the team is not gelling as well as they should be. This is usually when something has happened to affect the morale of the team.

This could be when a loved member of the team leaves, when the leader of the team leaves and the other members don’t know where they stand, or it could be when they have suffered a loss of some kind. They might have lost a contract to another company, or they might not have met their quota for the week.

When they may have done something wrong, it might be better to do something positively for them, rather than treat their behavior negatively. However, you do run the risk of positive reinforcement for the behavior, so make sure that you have a chat with them to make sure they understand that what they did is unacceptable.

If you are thinking of doing something for your team to build morale, then you have come to the right place because the aim of this article is to give you some ideas for team building events.

1. A Night Out

It is always a good idea to get your team together for a night out when they are feeling down and out. They will have the opportunity to spend time together and let their hair down. If you are going with them, as their boss, you should not talk about work much. You should give them a short speech at the beginning of the night to let them know that you want them to enjoy themselves and learn things about each other. They will appreciate this a lot. It won’t hurt for you to buy a round of drinks either.

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2. Bowling

Taking your team bowling is a good option as well. You could book a few games and you could have two teams but mix the players up for each game, so that they have a chance to get to know each other. Your team will want some effort put in from you as well, so you should pay for the games or make sure that you buy them a drink. This will make them feel appreciated.

3. Sports Game

If your team has a love for sports, you should organize for them to use the company box to watch a game. They will love this, especially if the sport is something that all the team talks about the next day. You don’t even have to guess what they like, just listen to what they talk about on Monday morning.

4. Pizza

If you workers have had a particularly hard week and you know that they are feeling a bit beaten, you could order them pizza for lunch on the Friday afternoon. They would love that and you could add to that by giving them an extra long lunch break.

5. A trip away

If things are particularly bad, you should do something that is extra nice and will do the team wonders. This could be a trip to the beach, or to a nice hotel where they have activities design to improve team-building skills. You will have to pay for this because you can’t expect your employees to pay for something work related, even if it is a trip to another country. Just make sure it is something fun, that they will remember for the rest of their lives, like zip lining or climbing.

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