How to Genuinely Recognize and Motivate Your Team

How to Genuinely Recognize and Motivate Your Team

Recognition is a crucial tool for an executive when it comes to team members if it’s done properly. The public can discern fake motives and disregard it if it’s not authentic. So, how can you authentically recognize and motivate the team in a non-patronizing, meaningful manner?

Here are few of the steps you can follow to prevent your team from being a nuisance to members:


1. What do they think of as an incentive or recognition? Do they prefer cash rewards in comparison to free items? If you provide them with the things they need, they won’t be feeling as if you’re sabotaging them.

2. Explain to them how their actions will be recognized and what they must do to earn the reward. If your team is aware of what they need to do in order to earn the reward, you indirectly acknowledge their ability and recognize the reason they are appreciated.

3. Inform them that the first step to gaining any award or reward is to be trained. Nothing is more comforting to the members of your staff than being able to speak to potential customers via phone and knowing how to communicate with them. If they achieve the goals you have set for them and they are satisfied, they will believe they deserve the reward and acknowledgement.

The most important thing is to ensure it’s genuine recognition. It can create a positive group atmosphere and increase enthusiasm. It helps to face challenges with confidence and something that they don’t have to be scared of. It is based on what team members think is appropriate, it could be as easy as a phone call, an arrangement of flowers or a certificate of appreciation for their accomplishment. But, it has to be something that they are proud of. Along with being authentic and recognizing the team members you have will aid to ensure a steady team.


Every business experiences fluctuations and ups. It’s the nature of business’ to go through an increase in energy or even attrition. It is important to have a plan of action to aid your team members feel excited again. As role models and leaders Your actions will inspire your team.

Here are some ideas to keep your team members excited again:

1. EXHIBIT ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. If your employees don’t trust them, they will not be motivated, and they won’t be able to perform.

2. Be a role model for your team. Be a role model for your team. also take the steps. Let your team members see you in all your glory, whether good or not so good. We are all human and all of us make mistakes. To be a role model for your employees, it’s important to communicate to your team that they can benefit from your mistakes and your accomplishments. It will help them become effective, which will encourage self-motivation.

3. Express your interest in your team’s performance. Your front line is your primary goal. Meet regularly and discuss with them about their short-term goals and long-term objectives are. Instil a sense of accountability in them. Your enthusiasm will show them that you value their achievement. It is important to let them know that there’s not an “I” working in a team, and it’s all about working in a group so that everyone can be successful.

4. STAY WELL-INFORMED. Be aware of what’s happening within the company and provide as the information you can. It is important to inform everyone on your staff know whom your sources of information are. This will create a frame of reference to them, to be an expert source when creating their teams.

If you give the right training, and truly acknowledge and encourage your teammembers, you will make leaders that are successful and they will become self-motivated. If you attempt to pump your team up with many “rah-rah” chants It could be viewed as shady and often isn’t effective.

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