How to Keep Your Best Team for Longer?

How to Keep Your Best Team for Longer

Today, people are an essential resource for business. It’s surprising, however, to see how little a company values human beings.

Tony Robbins says that we all have six needs that allow us to live happy and fulfilled lives. These needs are what we all strive to fulfill in all that we do. You must ensure that your work environment is able to meet these needs in order to retain your best employees and keep them coming back to your company.

These are the six core requirements.

1) Uncertainty

This is what makes us feel secure and in control of our environment. Higher levels of certainty mean less risk in our lives. The more we avoid taking risks, the less we are able to try new things and experience new things. We also experience less growth.

Make sure your team members are aware of their roles, responsibilities, and how they contribute towards the overall mission. Establish systems such as a Code of Conduct, Standards of Service and Benchmarks, Criteria of Success, etc. Your team should be aware of the expectations they have from you and their company. You should create a work environment that encourages team members to trust themselves and their talents and believes they can succeed in their careers.

2) Uncertainty and Variety

Variety is essential to keep our lives exciting and give us the feeling of living. Your team should be able to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities. They will be able to think creatively and not get bored. A word of caution: Make sure you know how well your team can handle different situations and how much each member can handle at any given time. Allow them to try a little bit of variation in their daily lives until they become accustomed to it.

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Remember, The more unpredictability and variety you can manage, the greater your chances of success.

3) Significance/Validation

This is the main reason people quit their jobs or stay in their current relationships. People need to feel important. You can be either a significance giver or a significance getter. A significance giver sees the best in others, while a getter yells at others, making them feel inferior.

Positive feedback is essential. You should praise your colleagues for their contributions to the team, no matter how small. It’s amazing how small gestures of appreciation can make someone’s day brighter and encourage them to do better.

Not all money is created equal. You can think of other gestures that could make your team feel valued.

4) Love and connection

All of us need to feel connected and loved in some way. This helps us to overcome our fear of being lonely.

Always make time to get to know your colleagues so that they don’t feel isolated in your workplace. You should always be available to your team members so that they can voice their concerns and provide you with the best feedback possible about how the company is doing.

Regular meetings or get-togethers give your departments the chance to get to know one another, build relationships, and trust each other. You never know; maybe they will all find better solutions for your most pressing problems.

5) Growth

All of us need to experience some form of growth. We feel stuck in a rut or stagnant if we don’t grow. We feel better about ourselves if we choose to grow. Our self-worth and confidence improve, we feel more confident about ourselves, have more variety in our lives, and we feel significant (significant).

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This could be a succession plan or a culture that allows your team to take on new projects.

6) Contribution

Giving back to others is the essence of contributing. Your team can give back by helping others, volunteering their time, or being role models or mentors to them.

Your team will feel more fulfilled if they are involved in giving back to the community. This will help them feel more important and fulfilled in their careers.



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