If You Want To Build Your Team Chemistry, Then Hit The Road!

If You Want To Build Your Team Chemistry, Then Hit The Road!

Road excursions. Oh my! The hassle of booking hotel rooms, arranging tournaments, and figuring out where to buy nutritious and delicious food. Sometimes, trips to the road can be an issue. But…they can also be fantastic opportunities for your team to unite in incredible ways. Therefore when you are participating in the “I I Love Coaching” month, discover the reasons I enjoy a good old-fashioned road journey.

Four ways that road trips with no sleep can bring your team feel closer.


According to dictionary.com defines it”Bonding is “a close relationship that grows between adults, usually due to extreme experiences.” We are able to provide exhilarating memories (discussed further below) and watch the bonds develop!


It is defined as “absurd, ridiculous, or uninformed,” and those who have taken a group of young women for a trip on the road know that all those terms are applicable. The best part about this is that there are quiet people on our teams who others on the team aren’t able to know, and this is the time to come out from their shells.


Joseph Addison said that “the most delicious sweetener in human existence is friendship.” I’d say that they sweeten teams pretty well, too!


This is “a feeling of trust and familiarity between people.” This definition demonstrates that camaraderie is an additional step above friendship…it’s the most powerful! It’s what happens after spending a long period of time together, and it’s beautiful. Many of us have observed two individuals enter as timid freshmen, not having any friends-and extremely nervous about it. Then they leave as confident seniors who are unable to think of their life without their friends. This is camaraderie.

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What is so vital?

It’s crucial because they’ll share memories and anecdotes, which will make your team feel like a “team.” When we first get together as a team, the majority of members of the team have an image of the team from last year in their minds since that’s when we worked together as the “team.” The things they discuss and the things they discuss while bringing the team of returning players are likely to alienate the newbies.

The first thing we must do, as a leader needs to be creating an experience that is shared. I’m of the opinion that preseason practices count (I am still talking to some colleagues from my past about the discomfort that was incorrectly referred to as “preseason” in the past when I was playing) attending training camps for teams or if you’re financially strapped the first event you go to will be the one to take place.

All this gives them an identity for the group and provides them with something they can be a part of…and something they can work to achieve.

But, really, why is this crucial?

It’s vital since your team will grow great. They’ll forgive each other’s mistakes due to their closeness, and this allows players to enjoy their games freely…knowing that their mistakes won’t cause them to lose friendships.

It’s crucial since they’ll know how to get their teammate from whatever situation they’re in, which prevents them from playing at the highest standard.

It’s crucial because they are a great team because they love each other.

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This is the beginning point for teams that have a chance to be successful.



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