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Is Burnout Inevitable?

Is Burnout Inevitable

Issue: Work satisfaction is, for most, is soaring. It is becoming a society that is dominated by unhappy people. This is a fact. , there’s a lot that individuals can do to live a fulfilling and enjoyable work experience and stay away from burning out.


The employees can’t continue to live with the hope that their job can bring them the fulfilment and satisfaction they seek. Work can give you the chance to live a life you enjoy. Here are the steps to living a lucrative and fulfilling life at work:

1. Make sure you are clear on the goals of your job.

2. Always ensure that your work revolves around serving others.

3. Create an environment that is empowering for both you and the people who work with you.

4. Establish a high priority for your relationships with people who you work with or for.

5. Keep your integrity.


“My joy was inexhaustible. I had learned the simple method of the law. I was able to figure the best aspect of human nature and how to get into the hearts of men. I came to realize that the primary purpose of a lawyer was to bridge the divide between parties. This realization was so deeply burned into my mind that the majority of my time in the course of my twenty-year legal career was spent negotiating private compromises in thousands of legal cases. I did not lose anything – no money, certainly not my soul.”
M. K. Gandhi

Just 6 per cent of American employees say they enjoy their job. Many of them are unhappy at their job. A Gallup survey in 2005 found that just 11% of workers claimed they were highly involved at work. 76% of respondents said they felt moderately or highly engaged. Just 49% of top executives claimed to be highly engaged at work. Nine per cent reported that they were not actively engaged.

My humble opinion is that it’s not only absurd but also wholly insane to live your life without enjoying the things you do. Life is too precious and precious. It is sometimes my experience that people think that this existence is a staged rehearsal for their real lives. But it’s not! It’s happening now. It’s not possible to continue living in the hope that it will be different. It’s been revealed, and here’s what it appears to be. The truth lies in the fact that nearly every area of work can offer you the chance to lead a life you enjoy. But it will require a certain amount of effort on your part to ensure that it happens so. Here is the key to a life that you love your work.

1. Make sure you are clear on your goals for your work

The first step is to have a clear vision of your work. The most important thing for any successful person or company is a strong vision of their future. A clear vision is an inspiration source for you, as well as for your employees at your business, allowing everyone to unleash their efficiency, creativity and productivity. Without a compelling vision working quickly turns into just what it sounds like, work, depriving people of their energy and enthusiasm, making them feel demotivated and depressed. Any individual or organization is able to be successful in such conditions.

The history of the world has many examples of what a fervent vision helped individuals. Abraham Lincoln was defeated for public office not less than eight times between 1832 to 1858, yet the man didn’t give to give up and eventually became the president of the United States in 1860. There are many tales of the way Thomas Edison failed to invent the electric light bulb more than 10,000 times, yet the vision he had was clear that he didn’t give up. He didn’t view any unsuccessful effort as a failure. It was simply one more chance that he didn’t need to explore.

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One of the best examples of what a vision that was powerful can do for an organisation was the vision of President Kennedy of putting a man on the moon accomplished for NASA. The conditions for NASA in the early sixties were not as good as those faced by lawyers today. In the days of Kennedy’s famous declaration, NASA did not have the funds and rocketry, computers, equipment, as well as the personnel or any other resources required to fulfil his mission. However, Kennedy’s vision was so strong and compelling that it sparked millions of people to take action and, on the 20th of July 1969, the goal was achieved.

In the ten years, I have spent speaking about thousands of people and teaching two semesters of law school, and I’m convinced that the lack of a clear plan for what the future holds is the primary reason behind the large percentage of employees’ discontent. Many people go into the field simply because they think it’s the best way to earn money or to gain some fame or power, as well as because they do not know how to accomplish in their life. While this isn’t necessarily untrue or unethical but it can have fatal results.

If you’re in this category, you need to get to begin creating a vision for yourself. Take The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and any other historical books you can get your hands on and study these books until you are feeling inspired. Write your own vision statement and then read it daily. From the perspective of your vision and the day-to-day issues of your job will be completely different.

2. Be sure that you let your work revolve around service.

The other important thing is to make your job be about customer service. There are too many employees who do not take enough care of their clients or customers. There are many employees who are focused on working hours instead of providing good customer service. Customers are looking for personal attention from people who care about them. They want employees with good reputations, who are trustworthy, who listen to customers and comprehend their concerns, and who are efficient and competent.

While it doesn’t address the issue in detail in the book, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the best debates of service. Carnegie states that the average self-interested individual has mastered what it takes to become “interesting.” This is the kind of person who attends any social event who are trying to impress people with their status, intelligence or attractive appearance. They are self-centred, and all their focus is on their own. Everyone else is aware of that too. Also, your customers will notice any self-absorption when it’s demonstrated by you or your business, and, again, the performance is only the matter of “where you’re from.”

Like everyone else, they want to be treated with respect and genuine curiosity about them, in their requirements and concerns. According to what Carnegie states, it is essential that employees learn their art of becoming “interested” in other people. However, the interest should be genuine. A fake concern, portrayed through a procedure-based TQM program, is not able to hide the self-interest underneath; this is one of the significant failings of the majority of TQM programs. To be successful, businesses and their staff members must be actively interested in serving others and be genuine about the concerns and needs of their clients.

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3. Create an environment that is empowering for you and everyone around you to work in.

The second step is to make sure you are committed to creating a culture that is empowering for yourself and everyone who works with you. The vision is the primary goal of the company, while the culture sets “the guidelines for the workplace.” Every business has the same culture, but unfortunately, it’s not one that is carefully and well-thought-out. Most companies’ culture allows idle chatter and complaining, competition, some short-term focus and a myriad of other actions which undermine the individual by pitting them against one another. If an organization wants to be successful, it is going to need to create and create a culture to motivate people and create a strong group. Every member of the company must be united in a shared future and be operating within the framework of the group. The culture should empower employees to establish relationships and encourage the exchange of information.

As we traverse the current economic downturn, those who have the most committed to quality and superiority are those who will stand the best chances of surviving. It is essential to succeed will be the culture that is designed to encourage this. A workplace that does away with the gossip and frustrations reduces competition, places the focus of each accomplishment on the achievement of the company as a whole, and offers customers more than they anticipate is essential.

4. Be sure to make it a priority to build connections with the people whom you work with as well as for

After all of the above has been completed, your next step is to ensure that your top priority is your interactions with people you collaborate with and for. There is nothing in the world of prestige or status, power or prestige which can compensate for the lack of quality relationships with those with whom you collaborate. The 1980s were described as the decade of greed. The pursuit of financial goals became the central policy of many companies and employees, whose focus was focused on the bottom line rather than the standard of living for people who work for the company. We are now paying an expense for this obsession. Connections – meaningful interactions with other people – are a crucial aspect of satisfaction with every law firm.

The biggest obstacle to building productive relationships is that employees live in a solitary manner with other employees. Most of the time, employees working in this hostile context are not interested in relationships. They are focused on their own interests; they want to win as well as making money. They are concentrated on the success of their own. They are concerned about the survival of their own. However, they do not have a keen interest in relationships.

In the end, many individuals seem to be extremely loving, extremely warm, or even very welcoming. The majority of employees are self-centred and cynical. They enjoy winning and beating their rivals; however, they are viewed as unlikable and often feel lonely and in a lonely place. However, this strategy does work to a certain degree. Some of these employees are highly successful at making lots of cash. Yet, will their apparent success fill their staff and their coworkers, as well as their families and friends, with happiness, joy and enthusiasm for life?

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What makes this especially traumatic is the fact that the relationship is the base for success, fulfilment and positive results in the world. The majority of life’s work is accomplished by individuals. If people are working in tandem, the main focus is the strength and the value of their relationships. Every achievement is directly related to the depth and quality of your relationship. Many do not realize the importance of building relationships with associates, customers, staff, friends or even family.

What everyone must be aware of is that the current model of working is insolvent. If we continue to operate under the current model will result in the same unsatisfactory and unfulfilling results that currently are generated. Only by abandoning the current system can the current situation be improved.

Good, healthy relationships don’t happen on their own. They require dedication to one another and a desire to carry out the job of effectively communicating. Employees will need to shift their focus from their position with a focus on the other and re-teach employees, their colleagues, and customers on the techniques of effective listening and speaking. While empowering relationships may help with the challenges that we face in the workplace, having happy customers who are actively referring their friends to them will be a significant step towards solving the issue of employee dissatisfaction. In order to create a productive and efficient office environment and achieving the personal and financial success and satisfaction that employees would like isn’t possible without having highly effective personal relations.

5. Be honest

The last aspect of being capable of enjoying your job is, to be honest. There are two components of this. The first is that a lot of employees have mistakenly interpreted the need to promote the products or services of their employer as a reason to do whatever in order to win, regardless of whether it’s just, fair or just. The thing that isn’t noted when employees violate the boundaries of their rules is that they lose respect for their own or the system. The process begins to chip away at their self-esteem. They eventually become sceptical and then cynical. They lose respect for everything and everyone. The cost of discontent is too much to bear.

The second part is to keep your commitment to yourself. Many employees try to justify their lack of integrity based on their busy schedules. It’s not working. Follow through with exactly what you promise to accomplish by stating when you’ll follow through, Keep your promises to answer all calls and so on. A lot of businesses are now focusing on customer satisfaction as their competitive edge.


It’s your decision. You have the option of serving your sentence, do it to make a few bucks or lead a life you cherish, and you must decide. If you’ve never taken the time to think about it, examine your life and realize your decision. If you’re not happy with your current choice, take a second look.

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