Not Your Father’s Team Building Experience

Not Your Father's Team Building Experience

Everyone has seen the Buick commercial that stated, “This isn’t your father’s Buick.” This is a paraphrase of the message, but team building today is more interactive, hands-on, and fulfilling, with a positive experience and also educational. The above descriptions of the current team building for employees or executives can’t be achieved without the same place of starting.

Therefore, I would like to look into some special experiences that could result from the Wine Country team-building meeting. They will put everyone on an equal opportunity to begin the process. Of course, there are traditional locations like golf outings and events which are held in the hotel’s meeting rooms.

Experienced team building can be an individual moment of personal growth that improves your relationships within your group. Let’s consider an instance How many times have we heard someone tell us they’re tired of the same old routine? Remember the line drawings in group building exercises where the instructor asks who is an elderly lady and who sees the young woman in the drawing? It’s important to note that not every team building is about an interaction with others; it’s just a group success through the individual’s duties.

Let me share some of the most memorable exercises for team building that are not normal.

Painting Exercise

One of the most common team building exercises could include “a painting task”! This is a lively method to highlight the numerous ways one is observing. Imagine for a moment that six people (team members) have the task of painting an image of the world before them. With the assistance of a professional artist, they’ll be able to see things they have that they would not have noticed when they were novices, like the colors, light reflections, details, and colors which were overlooked prior to. This is a team-building exercise that shows members of the group that they must look at the tasks in a more thorough manner take a look at things in a holistic way and not only superficially. It is likely to find that the people who are undertaking this exercise will be more critical in their interactions. In other words, what you first see in relation to a particular job or activity might not be an appropriate conclusion. A professional artist can help participants to understand this.

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The ability to think outside the box demands an abundance of imagination. The team-building process, which is an exercise in art, can make managers aware of the importance of creativity and the best way to increase it. “The muscle of creativity ceases working at its highest rate around the age of 10 as the left brain goes strong and takes the right brain out of the dust,” says Kay Carlson, a Napa artist. Remember, Tony Bennett took up painting at the age of 60 and attributes that to the way his creative juices began to flow.

Barrel Making-Cooperage

A traditional trade that is still alive and well today is barrel manufacturing. The idea behind this team-building exercise is solving the question: can two people create a wine barrel that can be water-proof? Don’t believe it’s simple until you’ve tried it. In a genuine cooperage business, one person is responsible for sixty-gallon drums on their own. With a group of two smart executives, it’s nearly impossible.

The two-person team begins with 4 to 6 hoops. They also have 36 staves, two-barrel heads, and a mallet laid out in a heap before them. The fun starts. The main goal is to work with each other to create an impervious barrel that is ready to be shipped to the winery. This task of team building isn’t about speed; it is about achieving the objective of a water-tight wine barrel. This is achieved by coordination and task assignment, as well as visualization and the technique.

Panning for Gold

This is a team-building exercise focused on understanding the process and putting together the right people for the job. It is all about planning communication, assessing skills sets, self-development, and being able to be open to exploration and taking a step out. At the end of the day, the team leader usually has an idea of what they want; however, they fail to properly make a plan to find it (whatever it is). In the absence of being aware of where gold is located, you need to plan your approach to the discovery.

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The geologist/guide is an excellent source to get the exercise going. The teams first need to acquire the necessary information from the geologist and then combine it with the equipment used to get the job completed. A photographer will capture the task for each participant.

Culinary Experience

With assistance from Napa or Sonoma chefs and souse chefs teams, the teams will start making a menu and choosing a course with wine. The ingredients are supplied according to the schedule, and each chef will prepare the portion of a full dinner. The chef is on hand to assist.

When the meal is ready, the chef’s assistants will serve the food with the wine, and everyone will be able to taste the fruits of the team’s efforts. The chef will give a critique of the food from beginning through to serving and how the team came together to bring the meal together.

Team Building Under Sail

Many people don’t realize that a large portion of the wine country is located on the coast. Sonoma has many great opportunities for teams to reach an end-point by dealing with multiple variables at once.

There are numerous possibilities for team building that are experiential. All you have to do is think outside of the box.



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