Six Warm Up Exercises Guaranteed to Create Energy

Six Warm Up Exercises Guaranteed to Create Energy

A friend of mine is employed for one of the Fortune 500 companies. He describes group meetings to be “death by PowerPoint.” He laments the lack of motivation in meetings and the wasting in the thousands productivity loss. Are you searching for ways to inject some enthusiasm into your meetings? Here are six methods to keep your attendees engaged. These exercises can be used infrequently during longer sessions to break up the monotony and encourage participants to move and move about.

1. Clap, stamp or snap:

The participants pair up to face one another in groups. Directions for participants: “We’re going to count from one to three at the same time, one number at a time. Keep repeating this and stay with the group.” Once they’ve got this down and are able to say the number “one” is replaced with the word stamp (stamp your foot). Suppose everyone is on the same page replacing the ‘two’ also by clapping your hands. In the end, we’ll substitute the word ‘three’ with the snap of our fingers. After everyone has stamped or clapping and snapping but not speaking, the group is able to speed up. You can play at a high rate! The result: Everyone is active and up. The evening is concluded with laughter.

2. Focus:

The participants sit in a circle and then number them in order, beginning with the random participant. The participants will then form an tempo, swinging their left hands in and out. Start with the first participant; after her arm is up, the participant “throws” out a number by shouting it on the beat. The participant who is the one with the number must throw another number to every beat. It must be random and not be the same person at either end of the circle. Participants who don’t respond (if they didn’t identify their number) or break the rhythm become the last person to be numbered within the circle. This changes the numbers for some participants. Start with the first participant. The result: Everyone is excited, engaged, and focused. It also requires group work too.

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3. Figure Eights:

Everyone is at ease, scattered throughout the room. Invite the participants to slowly make an eight movement using their left foot, followed by the left calf, and finally the entire left leg. Repeat the exercise with the right foot/toe. Repeat with a left index finger, left hand, left arm, left lower arm left arm. Repeat with the right arm, hand, or finger. Create 8-shaped motions with your pelvis. The same is true for the left shoulder, left shoulder, right shoulder, and both shoulders. Try the same for your head—test both arms. Switch directions. Finish the exercise by doing eights in a row with as many different parts in your body you can—the result: A great exercise to get muscles that have been strained due to sitting all day. The group is usually laughing when they are trying to follow the instructions and keeping an eye on each one. (Probably an ideal time to keep iPhones kept in pockets).

4. The order:

Let the participants start randomly moving around the room. Guidelines: “Please line up, according to ___________.” Examples include:

Order by age
Order via height
the mental health system to make an order
order by number of ex-boyfriends/girlfriends
Order by Blue
Maintain the ridiculous criteria (order through blue) until the close. The result: Typically, the participants will realize that it doesn’t matter which order they choose so long as the group is in agreement on the procedure. A great warm-up activity to make sure that the participants work together as a group.

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5. Name, number, and Letter The entire group is in a big circle.

Begin by offering your friend your name. Lift your right hand and whisper”Give me your name!” to anyone on your left. You repeat the same gesture with the person to his left, and the names will be circling around in the circle. Repeat the process with the letters of your alphabet. Don’t forget to pass an ‘a’ on to your neighbor and make a ‘giving’ gesture using your left hand. The neighbor then passes a ‘be to the next person and then. Repeat this process with number 1 and the group. If everyone has this, do it all simultaneously. Begin by introducing yourself when the name thing is advanced two or three participants around the circle, put the alphabet to motion, and then proceed to the sequential numbers. Results: Warm-up activity, which helps you get to get to know one another’s names. It is also interesting to see how much information is lost. Is everything you set in motion ultimately returned to you, or not?

6. Samurai Warrior:

This is an excellent physical exercise to warm up. Participants stand in an arc. The one participant plays the Samurai and begins by raising the Katana (sword) and then creating a samurai-like grunt. She keeps her sword high in the sky while her two neighbors “slaughter” her by throwing their swords at her sides and screaming loudly and excitedly. When the neighbor retracts their swords, the Samurai lowers her sword; when she does this, she is looking at another participant. The latter transforms into Samurai, and it all begins again. Begin slowly and gradually increase the speed. The result: This funny exercise will bring laughter and focus. Everyone must be attentive to eye contact, which signifies who’s playing next and also lets everyone observe the funny facial expressions of the fight.

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