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So This Is What an Outstanding Team Player Looks Like

So This Is What an Outstanding Team Player Looks Like

Let’s examine the skills that teamwork can bring to the team, regardless of gender.
Let’s start by looking at some “don’ts” so we can finish strong with the “dos.”

These are the mistakes that can make it challenging to be a team member who is effective in bonding and contributing.

Do not create mental obstacles.

* Be optimistic about teamwork. Do not create a negative image of the team. This is because some people, whether they realize it or not, can see the team as an obstacle rather than a part of a more robust mechanism.

If you feel this way about your team, or have that thought, go back to the first step in this series and let them know! Your beliefs can influence how you act, so if you think the team is an obstacle, your actions will confirm your opinion!

Be a good person.

*, Do your part! Nothing is more frustrating than being faced with a long “to do” list and then looking around to see your fellow team members cruising.

* Make sure to check in with your team leader and bring up the topic at meetings. This will let others know that you are open to carrying your own weight. If someone has more to do than you, offer to help them.

Do not be afraid to confront conflict.

This is definitely one of my pet peeves. Conflict will only take on the energy it is given. Negative energy can make competition bigger and more challenging to control. However, positive energy can help bring out the best in people, and things can be achieved if it is viewed with a working lens.

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Consider conflict an opportunity. Competition can bring different perspectives and opinions to the forefront. This gives the team a chance to explore different perspectives and come up with a solution.

* Share the responsibility for resolving conflicts as a group. As a team, take ownership of it! This can help build a strong team and empower individual efforts.

Let’s now give the “do’s” some airtime!

To Reach Out

* Network with your team members to share information, resources, and knowledge. Your team needs you to be the one who breaks down silos and shares.

* Be there for others. Remember, this is a team. Teams work together and not separately.

Be positive

* Take the challenge to listen deeply to what is being said and to develop responses that show your support.

Positive attitudes can be demonstrated through your actions, language, and general presence. Bring a positive attitude to the table and a “can-do” attitude.

* Be the person in the team that is open to solving a problem through a brainstorming session. You can think outside the box!

* Remember that moods are contagious. So check your attitude before you go to work and set yourself a challenge to be positive!

Do Respect Team Boundaries

Respect the boundaries and norms of your team. Be aware of what they are, and be the one to bring them up or develop them if they aren’t. This gives the team substance and strengthens the relationships between the members.

Be on time, regardless of whether the meeting is via teleconference, in person, or virtual. People get annoyed when information is repeated and wasted time. Time is money in organizations, so don’t waste it!

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* Turn off your phone and pay attention. Yes, we live in an age where cell phones and other electronic devices are considered extensions of your body. However, it is essential to show respect. Your eyes are what others need when they speak or present. It’s not worth it to text someone back or scroll through your email. Suppose it cannot; inform your team members right away before the meeting begins. This goes back to communication!

Another “don’t “…”: Don’t think this is an exhaustive list. These are just suggestions to help you get started in the right direction. You can learn other “do’s and “don’ts” from your experience as a player in a team.

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