Team Building – 5 Easy Ways to Brand Your Business Team Building Efforts

Team Building - 5 Easy Ways to Brand Your Business Team Building Efforts

The efforts of team building often don’t have the motivation required to get teams to the top of the pile. However, you don’t need to be a loser when you know the ways your brand’s image is perceived and takes on the winning role.

Some time ago, I made the decision to sponsor the local cricket team to be part of local promotions. The cost was $150 and included 20 small-sized T-shirts that had my logo printed onto the back of the shirt and on the backside, with each player’s name.

Traditional colors of the team were all used, but I found a few bright orange T-shirts that were not worn, and our logo looked fantastic across the top of the shirt. This Blue, as well as the White logo that was printed on the front, was prominent on the T’s in orange. Orange was a popular high school color, and I was pleased to wear it even when it wasn’t my most favorite color. I layered it on top of the black turtleneck and continued to wear it. In no place in my life did I ever get the notion the color orange is the wrong color. Of course, we lived living in COLORADO as well. Broncos are very popular in the state.

One girl with blue eyes came up to the table where I handed out orange T-shirts. She declared, “I can’t wear orange.”

I said, “Sure you can, honey. It’ll look gorgeous to you.”

She stated (much louder), “I have red hair, and my dad has the Green Bay Packers fan. I’m not allowed to dress in orange.”

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The little girl was not in my group. Whatever I did to her at that time, no one could alter her mind and ensure her play for the team of orange. She needed to find a different spot to play at a place that offered green T-shirts. Just across my table was a mortician’s table in the local area. I saw his T-shirts were all green. I grabbed her by her hand and strolled across the hall towards his desk. We played the list of players, and he was a brand new red-headed redhead sporting an emerald t-shirt with a green design of his own team. I brought back a tiny Bronco Fan to wear my orange JV Enterprises shirt that has the logo in white and blue at the top.

The story I told you about taught me an important lesson. Some of them are, in fact, but one fundamental principle keeps coming back to me time and time.

Little red-headed girls do not wear orange.

Does this constitute a method of branding? Yes. Does this include a branding strategy that we could use for our online businesses? Yes. Does this form a branding strategy that we can use? Yes.

There are some fundamental concepts that cannot be changed in the way we present our team and efforts to build a small business. These are basic concepts we should accept and recognize and allow the ideas which DO function to be utilized more effectively.

1. Ensure that all team members are for YOUR team.

It is impossible to make loyalty a condition. That redheaded girl could never have joined the team of orange. Her heart wasn’t there. When you make your team, let the girl with red hair who isn’t keen to play change teams. Loyalty can be earned by choice and not through the force of.

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2. Select the TRUE brand that is suitable for everyone on the team.

It’s not a matter of altering your branding. The most apparent brand is the one that you are most proud of. If you’re working in an urban business, and every member of your team is required to wear spurs and a cowboy hat but not only will their attire look unsettling, but it will not sell. Choose your authentic brand.

3. Apply three – Use the Goose Leader Principle to lead your team.

When the geese fly south, they create a massive V that breaks the wind. As the leader gets tired and the goose next to him slips in the formation of a point, it’s the same with the second. Apply the same concept to your team, and challenge all members to lead within their respective areas of competence. Your team will be more effective by having more effective leadership.

4. Be aware of the location of your team’s journey and plan your route.

The geese are back. They know where they are going and learn how to reach it. The lead goose is the one they follow. Young geese follow the older geese. The old geese have a way to go, and when they travel towards the south during winter, they make their V point south.

5. Keep your motivation while moving forward as a team.

When everyone is united with the same t-shirt, walking the same course, and committed to the mission of the team, the motivation is a united effort. The girl with the red hair might have been the one to throw a monkey wrench into the plan… If she wasn’t there, the entire team would be positive, inspiring, and excited to succeed because they’re committed to the exact cause.

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Note This is not a rant against cute red-headed girls. I love that little red-headed girl. She’s a gorgeous teenager now, and I love her. As of the time I was writing this, she didn’t have orange.

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