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The Power of Commitment – Increasing Employee Results

The Power of Commitment - Increasing Employee Results

Your employees will be more invested in achieving your business goals if they are dedicated to your success. An environment that supports and communicates well with employees creates a committed team. These tips will help you encourage team engagement in your workplace.

1) Share your company vision statement

If everyone in your company supports and understands your vision statement, they will have a common purpose for their work. This shared purpose fosters dedication and commitment.

Vision statements that inspire and set a goal for success are the best.

2) Share your company’s goals

Your company’s goals will guide your business in the right direction. If everyone in the company supports a particular direction, it is possible to work together and achieve success.

We recommend that you create and distribute monthly company goals to your employees. This will help your employees focus on the areas that are most important to you.

Involving your employees in goal setting is one of the best ways for them to be committed. This can be done by asking your team for their input on the goals you want to set and the ways they could be achieved.

These are the main areas to focus on when setting goals:

Sales Goals

Goals for Employees: Education, Growth, Productivity

Financial Goals

Profitability goals

Production Goals

Product Performance/Satisfaction Goals

Marketing Goals: Conversion Rate, Enhancing your Company Image

Customer Service Goals: Attraction of new customers, Improved relations with customers

Goals for Internal Processes – Optimizing Internal Processes to Improve Performance

3) Establish goals for employees

Clear goals can increase employee commitment to their work. Establish monthly goals for your workplace

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Each employee should be surveyed about their performance.

Together, set goals based on the areas that require improvement

Identify the action items you need to complete and set a date for completion.

Find out if the employee has the tools, training, and assistance they need to achieve the goals.

To track progress and to update your goals, schedule a check-in meeting.

4) Provide an incentive for achieving your goals

Recognize your employees’ hard work and offer prizes or bonuses if your company achieves or exceeds a goal. Your employees will appreciate the rewards you offer for achieving goals. This will help increase employees’ commitment to the company.

These four tips will encourage employees to work hard for the success of your business.

Denise Beins & Kathryn Gaines

CEO Systems

Corporate Efficiency Organizing

CEO Systems is a company that specializes in improving efficiency within your business. We create documented systems that increase productivity and organizational efficiency for small- to medium-sized businesses. We can offer many services that will fit your requirements and create a custom plan to help achieve your goals. To increase employee participation in the programs we have designed for you, we offer on-site training as well as motivational meetings.

Denise Beins, a business system expert, teaches businesses how systems can be used to achieve more in a challenging economy. Kathryn Gaines is a specialist in organizing executive offices. She can help you eliminate paper piles and improve your productivity.


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