The Top 6 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make When Building A Virtual Team For Their Business

The Top 6 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make When Building A Virtual Team For Their Business

For entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to decide to engage in assistance. However, every business, to get to that next level, is going to need to establish an infrastructure of support. Finding a virtual assistant takes an immense amount of effort for success, and assembling the right team can make every difference to the world. Here are some learning opportunities that I’ve observed repeated time and again with entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey using Virtual Assistant’s.

1. No Job Description

Similar to how you did at your job in a company when you hired an employee new to the company, You would create an outline of the job so that you could know exactly what they would be working on as they joined the team. It’s similar to when you first start working with a virtual assistant. Make sure you write down the duties your new hire will be completing and what you expect from the new member of your team. Discuss this with them when they begin working with you to ensure they understand what is required from them.

2. Delegating

It’s not worth hiring the best individuals and working to create a team for your company if you’re not willing to delegate work to them. If you’ve spent the time to create an efficient, productive team, then let them carry out what you have hired them to accomplish. Your company will never be more successful than it can be when you attempt to do everything by yourself. When you do this, you’re hurting yourself since there will be a time that you be forced to decline huge opportunities due to not having enough time, and you’ll be losing your team since they will be able to find customers who appreciate the services they provide. It’s not going to do you any favors by trying to do all the work yourself. In fact, you’re doing exactly the opposite!

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3. Communication

I strongly believe that it is crucial to identify skilled team members and let them perform the things they are best at. But, I think it is vital to maintain a close relationship with your teammates to ensure that you know what’s happening at all times. Are deadlines being met? Are the standards for customer service being maintained? Are they in line with your expectations?

4. Hiring Based on Skill Set Only

This is among the most common mistakes business owners make. If you search for a VA that has the skills and only that, you’ll be a failure every time! Other factors should be considered as well, including availability, communication rates, personalities, and work ethic.

5. Quick To Hire, Slow To Fire

This is something I have seen in my earlier HR work-life far too often. Managers who keep on employees who were not supposed to be employed in the first place. This is why I advise you to take your time when seeking an additional member of your team. People in business tend to wait a while to think about this choice before they rush to locate someone immediately! Making the wrong hire can be expensive, time-consuming, and extremely frustrating. Be sure to choose the right person. If you’re not in the mood to do it, then take me on:). However, if you are able to hire the wrong person and you’ve communicated your mistakes to them, and they have not made any improvements take action!

6. Not Having Systems In Place

This is among the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they’re growing their workforce—not having processes in place can result in time and expense. There should be templates for FAQs, the way you handle emails, everything repetitive should be accompanied by a “how-to” template or checklists attached to it.

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Be aware that these factors can mean an impact on the outcome or failure when hiring or working with a new VA. Take your time, get the right thing and reap the benefits!

Virtual Assistant Matchmaker Grainne Foley, the founder of Live-Hire to match highly achieving entrepreneurs who are not able to take their time with the most suitable Virtual Assistants. Her goal is to save them valuable time and money and guide them to success with the ideal virtual assistant to meet every need.



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