Three Important Questions When Choosing a Team Building Activity

Three Important Questions When Choosing a Team Building Activity

There are likely to be hundreds of team building activities in the marketplace currently. How does one sort through them all to choose which is the “best choice” best suited to their particular group? When you type the term “team development” into any of the search engines, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of results that pop up.

Before you begin filling out online forms or making phone calls to companies that offer training, Think about what you’d like to get from this course. If you’re a person who gathers information, you should ask the decision-makers for more details beyond the stale and outdated “charity group construction” or “communication” to get something more concrete, like dissolving silos or gaining innovative problem-solving skills. It’s easy to want something exciting and engaging. There’s a fair possibility that if a business is spending thousands of dollars for the event, they are searching for tangible results.

Three essential questions to consider to determine the most appropriate experience to do with your team. There are many more questions you should ask. However, the responses will provide you with a great start.

1. What’s my purpose with this particular group?

Three concerns are the same to me. However, this one is likely to be the first. If you don’t have a clear idea of the reason you’re doing something to build your team, selecting one of them will take you in numerous directions. You could get so overwhelmed by the endless choices that you quit.

2. What can I expect that the group can do differently from now on?

The question is frequently overlooked by the organizers of the corporate gathering. It’s easy to lose track of the direction you’re heading in the event that you did not know the way to go before starting. Consider what you want that your group will accomplish differently or do better following the event will help you determine the kind of event best for you to reach the desired goal.

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3. What will this do for our company?

This is often not addressed yet equally crucial. Events for team building that are executed correctly can be beneficial to your company in that they will help your team become more productive, more effective in communicating or boost the team’s spirit of collaboration. The thought of how this could improve your business could help in selecting the appropriate event. It may also aid in justification for the cost of a tremendous team-building program.

The process of selecting the best team building program need not be complicated or frightening. Getting clear before you begin your search will help you remain focused on the goals you set for your team and how a great program can help you in getting there. Have fun!

Colette Johnston works as a corporate specialist who focuses on team building along with teaching in the classroom and the development of leadership. For more than 15 years, Colette has employed instruments and experiential learning to guide organizations and the people who work in them to develop cultures that are sustainable in learning leadership, teamwork, and cohesion. Colette works with business leaders to identify requirements and devise solutions using consulting selling and facilitation that is hands-on.



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