Time, Talent and Equity – The Startup Platform Delivered

Time, Talent and Equity - The Startup Platform Delivered

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Are you currently doing the same? It’s not easy to find qualified individuals to create your product, or the moment to see the talents and also the funds to get it to occur. Enter HoursForEquity. Hours For Equity co-founders Bill Lott and Matt Flynn have had similar experiences in the development of other businesses. They successfully used rewards and equity to draw and retain entrepreneurial talent, and the concept was birthed. Startups save capital, and skilled people get together to form.

Like all startups, Hours For Equity developed from an idea that was initially conceived that grew into a continuously improving product. The initial idea was to create a bartering website for small businesses and small-sized businesses. The initial data was able to be a false representation of what users needed. Based on Bill Lott, “we utilize the lean startup method as well as pivots during design and development, and finally, we came up with the present-day product.”

the Qualified Applicant Solutions

Businesses proliferate from idea to final product. This is due to the need to locate qualified candidates quickly, without waiting for weeks to interview and review. Hours for Equity allow users to upload their profile as well as the kind of job they’re looking for and then submit their resume to startups to look over. Because the startups also provide the information they require from an individual, be it designers, developers, advisors, management seats or advisors, The two will discover each other and be an ideal match. Like the function and using the same algorithm as dating sites, Hours For Equity provides an intimate meeting space for entrepreneurs looking for startups that know their market.

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Do you have the money?

It is rare for money to be a factor prior to the idea or creation of a product. This is the “space in between the two that Hours For Equity has targeted very efficiently. Equity for startups can be a means by which they can attract highly qualified individuals to be part of a team that is entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurs have a good understanding of how to do this, and they will find common ground for creating the magic of a business. Hours for Equity offers new companies the chance to showcase their potential for their products and develop an effective team. Working with entrepreneurs and startups to gain equity is something that has been practised for many years, but now there is a way to improve the process to save time and get all your talents gathered in one location. Individuals can earn equity, perks, and complimentary services, too.

A Startup designed for Startups and Entrepreneurs

In the midst of Hours For Equity grows an ever-growing number of users, the team is delighted with the worldwide acceptance for their “freemium” service model. Bill and Matt realize that there is an excellent potential for a premium service model in the future, but currently, “our focus is on maintaining quality, offering more features and working on a few partnerships within the entrepreneurial/startup community, which are very promising. With the help of our community, we are hoping to offer discounted business products to our members in the near future. We are also hoping to enhance the capabilities of our website and grow our membership base around the globe. We are always looking for new ideas, startup companies and engineers, so the more we can have, the better!”

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Get your equity, or find your partners and get going! Tell us what you think regarding Hours For Equity, and possibly your new startup venture will be featured on StartupLeak!

More Information About Hours of Equity

“We are a startup which loves startups. We thrive on fresh concepts, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for creativity. I personally believe that no great idea should be left unfinished. “-Bill Lott, co-founder. “The Hours For Equity team is currently comprised of four individuals. Alongside Matt Flynn and Bill Lott as co-founders, they have Mike Damaso, engineer, and Steve Chaloner, developer. They also have worked together with Steve LoVerme, founder of Treebeard Media, to create their fantastic promotional video.
For the Job Seeker-Conduct jobs for startups around the country in exchange for freebies, equity as well as perks.-Grow the professional networks of your network through working with skilled, well-connected professionals.-Build your professional resume whilst earning valuable experiences.

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