Tips for Creating Employee Motivation

Tips for Creating Employee Motivation

Have you ever visited a website to see a stock photo of smiling employees seated around a table at a conference? The models in the picture are like the smiling actors in TV commercials that subconsciously convince viewers to buy a product.

Many companies have a disconnect between the perceptions of management about employee motivation and what motivates them. Many executives fail to motivate their employees despite receiving executive coaching.

To motivate employees to do their jobs well might take more than a pep talk from an executive. Management may need to use classic motivators to keep them motivated. Here are four proven methods to increase productivity and create more motivated employees.

Pay Raises

Managers are not likely to be sympathetic when the topic of pay increases is brought up. Some companies make cost savings but underpay employees to do their jobs. However, employees who are paid at a level that would shock a reasonable person can be expected to show excellent employee motivation.

A person who is substantially underpaid should not be given a raise if he/she performs better. They should instead receive a raise that inspires their performance. This is something that can be done without consulting with an executive.

Title changes

An honorable title makes someone sound more responsible and will appeal to their pride. Ask people who added the term “specialist” to their titles during the age of political correctness. It is embarrassing to receive a higher title without a raise, but it is more pleasing to get the former with a modest pay increase. The improved title will make the person feel more valued and motivated as long as there isn’t too much money involved.

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Coaching separately

Every worker needs coaching, and many of them are worthy of praise. Managers need to be able to separate credit and coaching into separate sessions so that the coaching doesn’t seem like a caveat or vice versa. Workers must be able to distinguish what they do well and what they can improve on. This will help them feel motivated.


Workers appreciate company celebrations as a sign that things are going well. It gives them a reason for relaxation and to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Company celebrations are a great way to reassure employees in times of fear when many fear losing their jobs. The company can not only afford to celebrate but also has an opportunity to do so.


Although employee motivation is a topic that receives thousands of executive consultation sessions every year, it remains elusive. Although every company has a different approach to motivating employees in the workplace, there are some effective methods that can be used, especially in these times of cost-cutting and downsizing.

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