Top 5 Minute Team Building Exercises

Top 5 Minute Team Building Exercises

Successful businesses combine the skills of each employee. Group activities can be a method to achieve this and also be fun while doing it. Here are the top exercises to improve teamwork in five mins or less.

One-word Story Writing

This activity is suitable for groups of less than 20 people. A pen and paper are required. The leader of the group wrote the words “Once was an occasion” on the form and then passed them around the room. Every member is asked to add a comment of their choice, and the story is then created. Make sure that each participant has time to be able to add a few words. When the time is up for the activity, the group leader reads out the story aloud to the entire group to be heard. The objective of the training is to foster collaboration and to recognize individual creativity.

The Best and Worst Bosses

This is among the most well-known 5-minute exercises for building teams ever (among staff members). It’s appropriate for any group size and doesn’t require any equipment. The leader of the crew starts and explains a favourite and most diminutive favourite boss from the past. Every member will follow suit. The first-time employees could refer to college teachers or professors from high school instead. The objective of the exercise is to stimulate the discussion among colleagues about noteworthy qualities of leadership.

Number Circles

This workout is ideal for large groups. It only requires an hourly stopwatch and an open space. The team leader divides the participants into small groups of between 5 and 10 participants. Each group of participants are seated in the form of a circle, with all facing the direction of the sun. Every process has a turn, counting loudly between 1 and 50, and each participant says the number in order and then going around the circle clockwise. The leader of the team counts the time it takes for every process up to 50 in this manner, and the one with the fastest count is the winner. This game emphasizes winning through teamwork.

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No-look Diagrams

This is a great activity for small groups. It’s all you need is a pen and paper and a simple diagram of an object that is common to all (house car, apple, house or apple, etc.). One participant is chosen to stand at one side; then, the person gets the diagram to examine without others looking at it. The remainder of the group puts the end of their pens on the piece of paper the front of them. Then, everyone is instructed to shut their eyes. With the pen still on the article, they have to draw following the instructions of the person in front of them and attempt to replicate the picture. The aim is to enhance communication.

Newspaper Towers

This is a variant of one of the most popular 5-minute team-building exercises, also known by the name of paper towers. It’s suitable for groups of up to 50 individuals. It requires newspapers and numerous rolls of tape. The smaller groups of 5 or so players form, and each gets a single sheet of newspaper (the original game was played using regular copy paper) and tape. The aim is to determine who can construct the highest tower with only the newspaper and tape. The objective of this exercise is to encourage group collaboration and problem-solving.

The exercise is designed to foster cooperation in the pursuit of the goals of the company. Leaders of teams must be careful to protect their individual preferences when performing the exercises. If done correctly, they can be perfect for demonstrating the importance of collaboration.

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