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Top 6 Keys in Team Building

Top 6 Keys in Team Building

It was a fantastic experience to grow up in rural Mississippi. These life experiences are priceless. From my childhood through my adult years, I was involved in many team activities. I was interested in team sports, but also school activities for the whole family.
A former coach spoke so beautifully during a halftime speech when we were trailing 14 points. I paraphrase it as “This game’s not about you, it is about the TEAM.” To keep it simple, I have omitted some expletives because that coach was passionate and dramatic. You get the idea.

It takes effort to create a dynamic, strong team. You will learn the best ways to build a team and whatnot. Sometimes, we have to learn the hard way. Below are my top five keys to building a solid team.

1. Recognize your role.

We can’t all be stars as team members. Each team is made up of key players. Peyton Manning is a well-known name. The former Colt quarterback is now with the Broncos. Are you familiar with his favorite receiver? Are you able to name his favorite receiver? Are you familiar with the name of the center who snaps the ball to him? Are you familiar with the terms of all the offensive linemen on his current team’s roster? Most likely not. Nevertheless, there is no team without these role players.

Are you aware of your role in your team? Do you know what your part is in the office?

2. Communicate.

Communication is, in my opinion, the most critical aspect of team building. Why? Are you a mind-reader? Are you able to guess what your boss or employee thinks about that vital deadline or task? Assume is what happens. You make an A__ from U and ME.

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Are you a part of a relationship that ended in discord? All of us have. It’s usually because we lack communication that things get out of control.

It’s time for a change if you don’t want to communicate with your loved ones or team members,

3. Know your destination.

Too often, I hear colleagues, coworkers, and employees saying things like, “I don’t know why we’re even doing this. It’s not going to work.” Is your team even aware of why they arrive at work early every day? Are they even able to explain why they stay late at night?

Your destination should include both short-term and long-term goals. Keep these in mind for everyone. Everyone will be able to figure out the HOW if they know the WHY.

4.  Reevaluate your situation periodically.

Like my ex-coach at halftime, who said that “The greatest teams are those that can adapt midway through the match.” It is vital to be able to adjust and make changes on the fly. I believe in adaptability. How will you respond when your team is faced with an unexpected hurdle or deadline? Life will throw you curveballs. It is how we respond that matters.

5. Place the team first

To put the team first, we must also be second. If the unit is more benefit by performing a task, then this should be the guideline. However, you may not immediately see the benefits. We are putting the best interests of the team before your own will help the team move a lot faster.

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6. Do not give up.

Did you ever give up on anything? All of us have. Here are some things I’ve learned. It becomes easier to quit once you give up. The same goes for success. It becomes a habit once you have learned how to make it work.

Try again if you fail. This old saying is timeless, but it will be a great way to develop your team.

A highly functioning team can take you to new heights. These five keys will help you explode your team.


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