Treat Your Staff To A Break In The Marlborough Sounds

Treat Your Staff To A Break In The Marlborough Sounds

The beginning of a new year at work, regardless of how thrilling it is, may seem like an uphill battle. Making sure your employees are enthusiastic and enthusiastic will make a huge change in the atmosphere around the workplace. At the first meeting of the company in the new year, why not consider doing something different for both you and your employees? You could consider inviting your employees to a different place, such as Marlborough in the middle of the South Island, to get their minds stimulated and help them transition back to work a bit easier.


The region is home to the Sounds, Blenheim, Picton, and some of the finest Sauvignon Blanc in the world; Marlborough draws in local and foreign visitors from all over the world each year. It is one short Interislander ferry ride from the capital of the nation, Wellington, across the Cook Strait.

With such a heavy emphasis on tourism and tourism-related activities in the region and the beautiful landscape providing a backdrop, there are many lodges and hotels which are focused on providing the best possible experience to guests. If you’re searching for the best location for your first corporate meeting in the new year, there’s anything better than a retreat for your company in Marlborough.

Great for Staff, Great for You

A little pleasure from your job is what this is all about. Your employees will be delighted to spend some time calm and serene while looking out over the Marlborough Sounds instead of the workplace. An opportunity to change things up can be all you require to get started on new ideas. This is vital towards the start of the calendar year. Get the mood right and make a reservation for a conference or corporate retreat, or maybe even a weekend away for your team and you.

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Conferences are a great chance to outline clearly your business goals for the coming year and to focus on the core values of the company to motivate and inspire the employees, to acknowledge the team in advance for their efforts, and to create a cohesive team that will take on more to help you and your company.

Put the Fun Back Into Business

Some lodges locally specialize in managing large and small group activities at their facilities and throughout the region. After catering and preparing for your event or conference, allow the experts to create an itinerary of additional, more leisurely activities that your employees can take pleasure in.

Nature walks and eco-tours can be an excellent way to experience how special the region can be, or even get thrilling times with colleagues who are kayaking or canoeing around the Sounds. Greenshell Mussel cruises are a should-have for all people who love seafood.

Everybody will want to go to some of the wineries of the region, and a winery tour is a fantastic opportunity to sample the local cuisine and try wines like Sauvignon Blanc.

Being outside to enjoy the sunshine and having fun with each other can improve relationships and get everyone moving. Begin with the right approach in 2012: leave your office and schedule an office retreat in Marlborough.



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