We Before Me: A Recipe For Successful Teams

We Before Me A Recipe For Successful Teams

I am a huge fan of coaching. I’m a huge fan of sports. I’m passionate about my work. In the spirit of my love, I was tempted to declare July as “I I Love Coaching” month…but there are already many things. According to holidayinsights.com, July could also be referred to as National Blueberry Month, National Anti-Boredom Month and Unlucky Month for weddings (good for us that the hubs and I were weddings in May! ), National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog Month (meh), and National Ice Cream Month (I am all for this!). July already seems full of names.

What do we think of calling the month of July “I love coaching month” on this site only…no need to get national recognition. When you go on vacation with your family, go to amusement parks, and work in your backyard, or do whatever you do during the summer, be sure to check back in because July will be dedicated to celebrating the greatness of this unique profession.

“I’m an individual who is a force, but I’m also an active force when I’m with you. “-Fabolous.

One of the most thrilling aspects of each season is the creation of the team…it’s always different. I’ve been in this business for more than a decade, and every couple is unique and has its distinct experience. I think these principles apply to every team, no matter if they’re athletic or not. Since I take my summers off to unleash my culinary talents, I’ve decided to write this recipe together with Chef Dawn’s Recipe for Team Success!

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What are the ingredients to build a successful team?

Leaders They are your hardest workers (on and off the field/court), The ones who inform newbies that professors will not let you be late and engage with the coach for the sake of your team.

Followers: If each person in your team believes they are a leader, Let the chaos begin! They’re not naive, and they are accustomed to the rules you’ve imposed in the group, knowing that someday they might be the ones to lead the team.

The In Your Face-ers Nothing crazy or over-the-top right in the face…but appropriately in front of you. I hope one of your managers will feel at ease asking their teammate why they were up all night writing a report in the evening before playing in the final game.

Keep It Fun-ers: If you’re saying that it only works and plays. Every team needs a player who can make the most shrewd coach smile. We are “games,” Coach and but not “works “…fun isn’t the synonym for hard work.

I Believe In You-ers In volleyball, you’ll find the setter. In football, the quarterback is the player. Whichever sport, you require one of them: the player who has the added responsibility of not only playing their role while also instilling and motivating others in the team.

How can a coach mix these ingredients?


The best teams don’t just appear. Communication with the team’s managers is essential. They must be aware of what you expect of them. Fun team-building games for your team? Yes! Do you understand the personality types? It’s a must!

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We should consider why we should care.

As every cook who is that is worthy of their time enjoys the pleasure of a planned meal, a coach ought to be awed by the appearance of a well-run team. Whatever the outcome, whether your team is successful or is a bit beaten (though we’d all love to be able to win more often of times, don’t we? ) Controlling your team will produce players who understand the dynamics of teamwork, are willing to play their part as a member of a team, do their best for each other as well as who are united in an end goal that is common to all and is confident in holding each other accountable for their actions.

It sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it?

Well…get started cooking!



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