What Companies Can Learn From the Rockettes

What Companies Can Learn From the Rockettes

People think of Radio City Rockettes when they think about glamour, sequins, and Christmastime. To be fair, this is what most people should think about while feeling nostalgic. Although the Rockettes are a well-known American icon, they also bring a world-famous eye-high kick.
Radio City Rockettes has mastered the art and science of working together as a team. This is something that every company should be able to learn but isn’t always able to do.

My firsthand experience will allow me to share my secrets and inner workings for building a solid team that is the best in its industry.

1. Rockettes are not only talented but intelligent women.

Casting directors are skilled at finding talented women who can not only dance well but also learn quickly and are able to apply the direction immediately. Each Rockette must remember multiple marks on the stage grid. Every turn of the head, angle, focus, step, arm movement, and every other spot on the stage grid are accompanied by depth, spacing, numbers, and numbers. Each activity has a lot of detail. Rockettes need to absorb it all and apply them immediately. Sometimes the Rockettes’ intelligence and strength can get overlooked by the glamour. But that is a common misconception. Many Rockettes have graduate degrees and other jobs after the holidays.

2. Rockettes respect one another.

Rockettes, unlike other companies, are welcomed to their first day with the respect and responsibility of the Rockettes Legacy. Each Rockette, whether from the past or present casts, is indoctrinated into the Rockettes Legacy. They are aware of their responsibility for upholding the traditions and standards of this incredible company, both publicly and privately. It is evident how proud and respected each Rockette is.

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3. The Rockettes assume direction.

The chain of command is clearly laid out and made clear starting with rehearsals. This makes it simple to know from whom to get direction and ensures that the company runs smoothly onstage and off. Every position in the company comes with a lot of responsibility. Every Rockette is aware of her own responsibilities as well as those of her coworkers. The Rockettes are able to identify who is leading the show and where, as well as the stage and company managers and directors.

4. Rockettes work together as a team.

The women work together to achieve the same precision and perfection that the Rockettes are known for. The entire team is affected if one person is not on task. Rockettes understand the importance of teamwork and support one another on stage and off. Rockettes are not interested in hierarchy or egos.

5. Rockettes are constantly evolving.

The Rockettes have been evolving since the 1930s. From my years as a Radio City Rockette to the current cast of this sisterhood. They are still able to keep up with the latest trends while maintaining the same standards that were set from the beginning. The Rockettes are still relevant and support the class and tradition of the original Rockettes, whether they’re performing “The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,” which was choreographed and performed every year in 1933, or dancing to “Fireball,” alongside Pitbull.

Rockette’s status is more than just putting on a good show. It requires talent, class, intelligence, superior work ethic, and unique physical form. You also need to be able to adapt to changes quickly. These Rockette-women are a model for other companies. They have shown that it is possible to work together and create a culture of mutual respect between employees, owners, and leaders.

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