What Qualities Will You Need to Become a Great Manager?

What Qualities Will You Need to Become a Great Manager

Over the course of our careers, I am certain that we have all met great managers. A good manager can make your work interesting, more engaging, and more satisfying, much like the teacher in high school. Today’s depressed economic climate means that there are few great managers in the business. Staff often find themselves on the receiving end for poorer terms and fewer benefits. This can make the manager appear as the bearer of bad news. However, a great manager will be different in such situations.

What qualities are these managers able to share and how can you try to imitate them if you also want to be a manager?

Positive and optimistic attitudes are key to success

Great managers will approach any situation, no matter how difficult or dire, with optimism and a positive outlook. They won’t say “it can’t” but instead, they’ll ask “how can it be done”. Great managers will be able to inspire others with their optimism, creating a positive atmosphere for employees to reach their goals and the business to prosper. This is what you can do if you want to be like them.

Honesty, integrity

Managers play a crucial role in any business. They can have an enormous impact on productivity and business success, particularly for small businesses. The manager must be trustworthy and reliable. Trust is earned over time, not in a one-hour interview. Therefore, the manager must be reliable and uphold their responsibilities and deliver on all promises.

Must be a member of a team

Managers who are isolated from their teams, whether in an office or other part of the building, will not get the best from their employees. Managers must be present within their team to gain trust and respect. Managers should be willing and able to share industry knowledge with other members of the team, offer advice on daily tasks, and coach team members who are succeeding. Great managers will not only focus on their own personal advancement or improvement but also on the benefit of their team. Great managers will personally invest in the success of their business and be willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Rewards are not motivators, but a byproduct.

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Managers must also be leaders

People often confuse the roles of manager and leader when they are actually two very different things. Leaders inspire their teams to achieve a goal and drive them forward, while managers are involved in the achievement of that goal. A manager must possess leadership skills to motivate and guide their team towards a goal. Great managers will have confidence in their leadership abilities and a natural ability to connect with others so that the team is happy to follow them.


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